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10 Biggest Fitness Flops

Have you ever jumped on the bandwagon of the latest exercise fad? Maybe you thought you’d get a beach body in 90 days or tried to whittle your thighs into submission with the thigh master. If you can count yourself among the millions that have fallen for one of the latest exercise crazes, this is for you: The 10 biggest fitness flops of all time.

1. Shake Weight

The premise behind this little dumbbell is simple: hold it, shake it and tone your arms. Unfortunately, the makers of this contraption didn’t stop to think about the suggestive movement necessary to work the weight and the parodies it would spawn.

2. Power Plate

Can you shake your body to a healthier weight? Nah. But that didn’t stop the makers of the Power Plate. The premise? Stand on the vibrating plate and shake yourself skinny. It seems like a fantastic idea, especially for people who hate to move, but save your money; vibrating yourself thin will never happen.

3. Sauna Suits

8 min abs

People of a certain age may remember seeing the various athletes in their high schools running halls wearing trash bags. Why? Because sweating can help you drop a few pounds of water weight relatively quickly. Enter the Sauna Suit. Working in the same way as a trash bag, the suit makes you sweat and, in reality, lose a couple of pounds. Unfortunately, you’ll gain them back with your next meal.

4. 8 Minute Abs

Think you can get a washboard stomach in just eight minutes a day? If you do, think again. Getting a six-pack requires cardio training, weight lifting and a seriously healthy diet. Eight minutes a day of any exercise is virtually useless.

5. Shape-Ups

It made sense to millions of people: Wear a pair of unstable shoes to improve the strength in your legs. Sadly, studies have shown that Skechers Shape-Ups and Reebok Easy Tones do nothing for your health. That said, plenty of people who are on their feet all day long report that these shoes are super comfy and, therefore, not a total waste.

Wristband scam

6. Power Balance

Kudos to the creators of this bracelet and their fabulous marketing scheme. For a mere $30, hundreds of thousands of people have purchased these bracelets that promise to improve balance, flexibility and strength. Really?

7. Vibration Belts

If you have ever found yourself in front of the television at three in the morning, you may have seen an infomercial for vibration belts. The Vibro-Belt will melt away abdominal fat through electronic muscle stimulation. Or will it? The Federal Trade Commission says no. If you’ve already purchased one, don’t fret; the vibrations feel great after a stressful day.

8. Thigh Master

If you were alive in the 80’s and have a mother, you may have a Thigh Master collecting dust in your attic. Millions of women bought into this craze, squeezing this contraption with abandon. While it does provide some resistance, the Thigh Master won’t get rid of that cottage cheese you see in the mirror.

9. Ab Circle

Kmart abs machine

Unless you just want to have a good time, avoid the temptation to purchase one of these “machines.” Your love handles won’t shrink, your muscles won’t tone and, in fact, you may end up with a fairly sore back.

10. Dumbbell Utensils

Sounds like a joke, right? Weighted utensils are supposed to make it harder to eat and, ultimately, less enjoyable. Thankfully, not many were duped by this crazy cutlery and the idea never took off.

Don’t feel bad if you have any of these items in your closet; you can always sell them at your next garage sale. Millions of people have gotten duped by the marketing teams behind these products. If you need to lose weight, stick to what works: a healthy diet and proper exercise.

Edmund Taylor writes articles about weight loss programs and products. Losing weight can be easier at ephedraoutlet.com.

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