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A Focus on Better Golf Putting

Eye-hand coordination is a skill you will need in order to play golf correctly. Golf training should start out at a modest level a then progress to more intense levels.

The most important part of golfing is putting. It is one of the lower-effort skill movements but should be the practiced before you go onto other levels of golfing. Half of your score is determined by putting. Putting requires concentration, control and the exact amount of speed. Your body and swing need to be adjusted to acquire the correct amount of strength needed to tap the ball.

golf putting

Golf training includes visualizing your shot before you begin. A good way to visualize a shot is to use as many of your five senses that you can. Do not stab or swing the ball but see the path of the ball to your target. Imagine and feel every movement you are going to make before putting from swinging to being aware of the pressure from gripping the club. Do not put pressure on yourself by thinking you need to have a perfect shot every time. The secret is getting the most of the shots that are not perfect – this way you can improve.

There is a lot of golf training equipment available to aid you with your golf swing. Refiner Hinged Iron is a patented two-way adjustable-hinged iron that is made to hit golf balls. It helps you swing better and will break if you swing in the wrong swing plane. You can use it to practice at home or on the range anytime of the year. The great thing about the Refiner Hinged Iron is you can add a training grip to it. This will improve your golf grip as well as golf swing. Your grip on the club needs to be correct. It is part of being a successful golfer. There are also gloves available that will help achieve an accurate golf grip. They are called Butch Harmon Right Grip Gloves. You will be able to feel proper grip pressure and proper placement of the hands with the “Soft Bar Technology.” The bars are small pads that fit into each glove. The terrific thing about this product is you will be able to tell when you are gripping the club wrong. You simply readjust your grip along the bars. Many tips are available at:


Golf Putting Training Aids

Putting Arc Deluxe gives you an understandable approach to putting. It is based upon the natural body movement. The hands, arms, and shoulders rotate as one unit. Tour pros have the same opinion regarding the Putting Arc Deluxe. They say it is the finest or best putting device made for building a repeatable and accurate inside-square-inside stroke. The Tac-Tic Putter Bubble is another golf training aid that can improve a golfer is putting stroke. This golfing device is comprised of a hemisphere. An adhesive substance affixes the hemisphere to the blade of the putter. The hemisphere will strike during the putting stroke. It will not strike the flat blade of the putter. TheTac-Tic Putter Bubble also can be used to assist the golfer in choosing a putter that has suited for putting stance, style, and stroke.

Greenlinks Golf Products Inc. has announced their first product called the Putt Pro. The Putt Pro can be helpful in enhancing your putting skill and be used as another golf training device. You fasten the Putt Pro to your putter and then line up the device with the face of your club with the t-square which is included. You practice your putting by watching the two laser dots on the floor. Putting techniques should improve and be straight when you use the Putt Pro for several golf training sessions.

Eye Alignment for Putting

A main fundamental in your aim is proper eye set-up. Visual information needs to be accurate or it can affect your performance. Most golfers do not have their eyes above the ball resulting in missed putts. When your eyes are aligned over the ball you will have a straight back and forth swing. This will help your ball go straight to the intended target. Golfers need to remember to be lined properly when trying the straight line approach. If you are not lined properly, your eyes may look like they are directly over the ball but will be on the inside of the ball so the ball will not go straight. The putter face will stay square throughout the strike. A customer reviewer commented that the Targaline system is easy to use and can improve alignment, ball position and stroke. This system is very effective and affordable.

Vision Track Golf Swing Training Aid provides a clear image to the brain. This golfing device is also an excellent alignment guide and ball placement guide. There are 3 eye positions on the vision tract to help the eyes and brain be path and tract oriented.

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