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Finding The Time To Exercise


Women of the twenty first century have to work hard. We have to juggle work at home, work at the office, family responsibilities, socializing, etc., etc., etc. and by the time we approach middle age, we find that our bodies are simply too tired to do our bidding. Our normally sedentary lifestyles, where we do not get to exercise ourselves also takes a toll on our bodies; and as physical well being directly affects our feeling of well being and functionality, our productivity sees a marked decrease, which certainly is not good news. To make sure that we are in condition throughout our lives, it is important for us to do exercises. Resistance training, among the many different types of exercise options, yields the greatest benefits in terms of giving our body strength and protection from joint and spinal problems.


Body Re-shaping

The most easily recognizable benefit of resistance training, or strength training, is body re-shaping. The body gains a more defined, toned up appearance when put to resistance training. You will also look a lot leaner, contrary to the common misconception. Resistance training helps develop more muscles in the body. Now muscles use the energy from ft to function. What this means is that, if the body has a greater muscle mass, more fat will be burnt every day because the muscles will be using g them up! Many studies have found hat the muscles in the body burn up more calories by the hour and in total. For this reason, it is also a great way to loose weight. Women usually suffer from problems related to bone density and spinal problems in later life, resulting in a lot of pain and difficulty to perform daily activities such as climbing up or down the stairs, or simply sitting down and getting up. Resistance training, besides building good, strong muscles to the body which make movement easier, also add to the bone density, a good level of which is essential to enable the skeletal system take the load of the body at old age. Resistance training certainly helps you retain your independence in to your later years!

Resistance Training

If even after knowing all these benefits, you are unable to decide for resistance training, please know that the popular belief about resistance training for women re both wrong and baseless. Take the one about developing ugly muscles, for example. The woman’s body simply does not have the ability to naturally produce such muscles. Another misconception is that it makes women stiff; not at all. On the contrary, it adds to the flexibility of the body. And muscles and fat do not have the ability to turn in to each other. Period.

So go ahead. Put your hands on those dumb bells. Start resistance training and get a stronger body, less chances of injury, and greater functionality. Before you start, however, find out which items are suitable for you at your age. Let us make the tasks in our daily lives easier to handle.

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