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Five Fitness Accessories for the Techie-Fit

If you’re a modern fitness buff, you want technology to keep up with you. There are so many advances in gadgets for a variety of purposes, and your exercise regiment can benefit from them, too. For the tech-lovers who like to stay in shape, or anyone who is trying to live a healthier lifestyle and wants some help, here are five great fitness accessories.

Gruve Personal Activity Monitor


Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) is the movement we perform throughout the day in our regular routine, like walking or doing yard work or household chores. If we do enough NEAT movement during the day, we will be burning a lot of extra calories. The Gruve is a tiny device you can clip to your belt and wear during the day, and it will monitor your activity. Link it with your Gruve account online, and you can set personal goals for yourself on your movement and calories burned. A little light on the Gruve will change colors as the day goes on, and once it gets to green, it means you have reached your movement goal. You can see your progress documented online, and in general it will help you live a more active and healthy lifestyle – it will even warn you when you’ve been sitting too long.

HoodieBuddie with Headphone Drawstrings

HoodieJams has a collection of fleece or cotton sweatshirts that will give you an easy way to listen to music at the gym. The drawstrings of the hoodie are actually earbud headphones. Just connect your iPod or smartphone, stick it in your pocket, and you don’t have to worry about an extra piece of equipment. They come in six colors.

FT40 Heart Rate Monitoring Watch

$179.95 at ShopPolar.com

This watch acts as a personal assistant for your workout. It will tell you your heart rate, how many calories you’ve burned, how long you’ve been working out, and at what point your workout is burning maximum fat. It will give you a summary of your workout, and you can even sync it with PolarPersonalTrainer.com to transfer, record and analyze your data. It even has an alarm clock for you and backlighting. The Polar website has a ton of techie-fit products and accessories for you, including a heart rate monitoring sports bra, GPS sensors, and a foot pod to attach to your sneaker that measures your running speed and distance.

Sports Tracker App

Free in the iTunes App Store

Keep your exercise diary close at hand on your smartphone with this app. You can track everything about your workouts and progress here in one easy app. Discover new workout routes, too, with maps. Get motivated by sharing your results and photos with friends. You can even integrate with Sports-Tracker.com for an enhanced experience.


Vapur’s Anti-bottle is an alternative water bottle that folds when empty. It is reusable, freezable, and washable, and it won’t take up unnecessary space in your gym bag. It holds half a liter of water, and the material even allows you to write your name on it. Even better, a portion of all sales are donated to environmental causes.


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