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Golf Training and Driving Range Equipment

Golf professionals use all sorts of golf training equipment, from state of the art, hi-tech training aids such as virtual reality swing doctors all the way through to simply drawing on the golf ball before they hit it!

The truth is that to become a golf professional requires not just talent but thousands upon thousands of hours of lessons, training, and practice, and going out on the golf course day after day to practice swings, chipping, and putting.

golf equipment
golf equipment

This will always be too much effort and require too much time to become a reality for most of us.  However, the good news is that there are professional training aids that can help us perfect our golf without the need for expensive lessons.  In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of the most popular and examine how they can help lower your scores.

Best of all, there is golf training equipment to suit every golfer, from the beginner to the expert, so no matter how long you may have been playing the game, there is sure to be some gadget out there that can help you swing your putter more accurately, or eliminate that irritating slice.

Not only that, but there’s equipment in every price range, too – so if you don’t want to spend a fortune on devices that you’re not sure about, there are simple aids and tips from the pros that will help your game along without costing the earth.

What Kinds Of Golf Training Equipment Do Professionals Use?

Types of golf training equipment exist for every aspect of the game, from tee to green.  We’ll consider examples of each.  However, it’s probably true to say that the aspect of the game that often gives beginners the most frustration – and you can always improve that, no matter how long you’ve been playing – is your swing.   Therefore, many professional training aids focus specifically on the golf swing and how you can correct it.

The most popular and simplest are swing guides.  Usually fixing onto the grip of your club, these employ a variety of aids to keep your swing straight and true and ensure that you have the correct grip on your chosen club.  In a similar vein are stance correctors.

These are often simple mechanical devices that help you keep a correct stance when addressing the ball, ensuring that the legs are bent, the back straight, and the hips provide an adequate amount of twist and power.

More professionals tend to use devices like swing trainers, which are essentially dummy clubs with the weight uniformly spread along their length, thus promoting better technique and swing control.  These are excellent for players of any level.  Some models have electronic components and alerts to help monitor and correct the tempo and direction of swing.

Moving up a level, several kinds of training equipment employ video and DVD technology to help you correct your swing.  This is because the hardest part of any golfer’s game is correcting what they cannot see – and if you are concentrating too hard on your body, you will end up missing the ball anyway!

These training aids work by recording your swing and then running it through simple computer analysis to demonstrate where you’re going wrong.  It’s the same technology that club pros will use when giving golf lessons – but after the initial investment, they will often work out cheaper in the long run.

Aren’t There Simpler Training Aids?

The truth is that training aids can be as simple as you like.  One of the most common yet most useful are those that allow you to practice without trudging around a golf course for hours and hours.

Aids like driving and chipping nets that allow you to work on your form without walking a hundred yards to retrieve your ball, maximizing training time, or allowing you to practice in your own back garden.

It’s also possible to work on your putting; far from being office toys, putting holes are now available in a range of models that help you perfect your green work without even venturing outdoors.

At the simplest end of the market, you can get a spotliner pen to mark a straight line on your ball – then align it with the hole and check that you are putting straight and true and the way you hold the club is not imparting unwanted spin to your putts.

Where Can You Find These Items?

The first port of call should be your local golf outlet or club shop.  They will have a range of training aids, though depending on the size of the shop, this may not be adequate.  Failing that, there are all sorts of equipment available online, and the larger golf stores have a range of payment and delivery options for larger and more expensive equipment.

Whatever type of professional training equipment you are interested in, there’s sure to be something to help get your scores down towards par – but we can’t promise a hole in one!

Driving Range Equipment

Public courses, private clubs, and stand-alone driving ranges are constantly searching for golf driving range supplies. The Internet offers a competitive environment for movable golf driving range shelters, range finders, and other equipment suppliers.

Golfers, range owners, and club managers should find reliable resources online to acquire golf driving range supplies.

Searching For The Right Range Supplies

Every consumer looking for golf driving range supplies should start by looking at his budget. This niche industry has advanced from simple bag stands and ball washers to fully automated systems that can reduce overhead costs in the long run.

Private clubs that derive annual dues from their members may afford automated ball dispensers, high-end range mats, and other equipment directly from suppliers. The limited budgets of municipal courses and driving ranges should encourage operators to purchase used and refurbished equipment when possible.

driving range
driving range

Another factor when purchasing golf driving range supplies for sale is figuring out the minimum quantity needed to serve golfers. Once an operator has a layout of his driving range, he can purchase mats and dividers to accommodate dozens of golfers at a time.

While operators may want to ensure access to ball washers and other equipment for every golfer, it is possible to purchase supplies that you can use for every three, five, or ten golfers.

The final consideration when buying golf driving range supplies is the desired level of service from the operator. Stand-alone driving ranges may only need nets, yard markers, and basic supplies to meet the expectations of golfers.

Public courses filled with budget-conscious golfers at night and weekend days may need to stock their clubhouses with tees, towels, and other supplies in addition to range equipment. The sky is the limit for private golf clubs, which can use fees and other revenue sources to purchase the best mats, ball washers, and pickers on the market.

Range Mart©

Range Mart© (http://rangemart.com) proudly claims its membership in the National Golf Foundation from the main page of its website. This online resource for golf driving range supplies can help operators start from scratch. Range Mart© customers can start by purchasing mats, nets, and tee dividers to keep golfers separated as they swing their drivers and irons.

The website also carries multiple brands of ball dispensers to issue small, medium, and large buckets of range balls. Range Mart© helps golfers and range operators add small touches to enhance driving experiences. The website carries distance flags, pickers, and stands that put the exclamation touch on any driving range.

driving range package
driving range package

Range Servant®

Range Servant® (http://www.rangeservant.us) was established in Halmstad, Sweden, in 1983 and leaped the United States by 1991. Its location in Norcross, Georgia, gives it unique insights into golf with great courses like Augusta nearby.

The Range Servant® main page offers a window into the company’s wide selection of driving range supplies, including golf ball washers, pickers, and ball dispensers.

Visitors to Range Servant® can find product information easily by checking out regular specials as well as the print catalog. Range Servant® features several specials each month from its main page, including clearance and deeply discounted supplies to help golf range operators. The website also features a free catalog order form to help club managers and operators keep their driving ranges fully supplied.

While other websites focus on the obvious supplies needed for driving ranges, Range Servant® has a full inventory of large equipment for the modern golf course. Range operators can find motorized drive units to help employees sweep through the range and pick up balls without endangering their health.

Range Servant® also offers mechanized ball elevators and high-end range mats to simulate the golf course experience as much as possible.

Forestar Golf Sales Ltd©

Golf professionals have been working with Forestar Golf Sales Ltd© (http://www.forestargolf.com) since it opened in 1978. Forestar separates its products into three categories, including driving range, golf course, and pro shop.

The website offers ball pickers, washers, and hitting surfaces for driving ranges of all types, including outdoor and indoor ranges. Forestar Golf Sales Ltd© goes beyond other suppliers of driving range products by offering flags, tee markers, and other on-course supplies from companies like EagleOne Golf Products©.

Whether a private club or a simple driving range, Forestar provides pro shop supplies, including scorecards and cleat replacements. The company’s reputation among course managers and range owners comes from its breadth of product offerings.

portable driving range
portable driving range

Range Automation Systems©

Range Automation Systems© (RAS) (http://www.rangesystems.com/) takes golf driving range supplies to the next level with automated range equipment. The signature product by RAS is the Northstar 4 Auto-Tee™, a range management tool that you can use at each tee.

The Northstar 4 Auto-Tee™ raises and lowers a ball and tee after the user’s PIN, or member card has been entered. After the ball has been driven from the tee, a new ball emerges from the underground ball unit within four seconds until the allotted ball limit has been reached.

Customers of Range Automation Systems© can access other automated systems that can eliminate the need for course personnel and increase customer satisfaction. The RAS semi-automatic tee places the range ball on the tee after the golfer has dumped balls into the dispensing unit. Range operators in the Midwest and Northeast can keep their businesses open year-round with indoor automated systems.


The aforementioned suppliers of driving range equipment offer every product imaginable for range operators. Every driving range needs a healthy supply of balls to give purpose to elevators, washers, and dispensing units.

RBIRangeBalls.com© (http://www.rbirangeballs.com) has a full selection of range balls that will keep golfers coming back each day or weekend. This website is a preferred vendor of the Golf Range Association of America, recognized by veteran golfers, range operators, and club managers.

RBIRangeBalls.com© hits to all distances with its selection of used and new range balls. In addition to packaged balls that have not seen action on the range, customers of RBIRangeBalls.com© have access to several sizes of factory reconditioned range balls.

Range operators can choose from plain, striped, and multi-brand range balls when purchasing from RBIRangeBalls.com©. The website offers a sample package of two dozen balls for $5 to skeptical golfers and operators looking for quality used balls.

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