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Learn Playing Golf With These Useful Golf Tips

Golf Swing Tips, Your Key To a Repetitive Golf Swing

After much hard work and practice, a repetitive golf swing is extremely hard to obtain and can only come to us. Here I will give a couple of my best tips to help you perform a natural, solid, and repeating golf swing.

Golf Swing Tip 1: Stay connected

During the swing or initial takeaway, I see many golfers getting into bad positions, leading to various swing faults. In an attempt to complete the backswing on the plane, I think the best way is to place a towel under both your armpits so that the towel runs across your chest. Now take a nine iron and swing at the ball with only half a swing.

When you take the club away from the ball, you want to club to point in the air (take a look at the graphic on this site in the top left-hand corner – you want to swing the club no further on the backswing than this).

golf swing
golf swing

Please don’t hit it too hard when you strike the ball, and do not worry too much about the distance. This will teach you the correct positions you need to get into on the backswing. Also, do not tense up to much trying to hold the towel under your arms. It should stay there nicely as you turn your body and shoulders back and through the ball.

Golf Swing Tip 2: In to out swing path

Swinging the club into the ball on an in-to-out path is one of golf’s hardest challenges. However, one of the most important. If you can swing the club on an in-to-out path at the ball, you will eliminate many swing faults that can occur, and you will be on your way to hitting a consistent draw in your shots.

The best way to promote this in-to-out action is to go to your local practice ground and find a slope. Now take a load of practice balls and a 5 iron, no you need to hit the balls so that the ball is above your feet. This will promote an in-to-out swing path as your body is lower down than the ball. If you find that you slice the ball fairly often, you might want to find a steeper slope so that the ball is further above your feet.

Once you have hit about a dozen balls, you now need to try and see if you can replicate the swing sensations on s flat piece of ground. Keep performing this drill until you get it right.

Golf Putting Tips to Improve Your Scorecard

Love it or hate it, putting can make or break your game and overall score. Putting will make up 40% of your overall scorecard, and neglect in this department can be a terrible mistake. Here will we go into the basics of the setup and your putting stroke to fix you up with a repetitive stroke, helping you sink more putts and hopefully saving 5-6 shots per round.

1. Forming the putter grip

Step 1.
Place your hands on either side of the putter grip, with your palms facing, and each hand square to the target line.

Step 2.
Place your left hand on the club, with your thumb pointing straight down the middle of the grip keeping your forefinger off the grip for the moment.

Step 3.
Place your right hand on the club, again with your thumb pointing straight down the grip. Wrap your fingers of the right hand around the grip, and put your left forefinger over them. This is the reverse overlap grip.

Step 4.
Finally, extend the forefinger of your right hand down the side of the grip, as this enhances the control of the putter. Hold the club a little softer as opposed to the regular swing.

2. Correct Posture: Putting

Good posture is very important to the success of the putting stroke. Ideally, it would help adopt a posture at the address that lets your arms hang down freely without any tension. These steps should help you perform a natural posture.

Step 1.
Stand up straight, resting against your left leg.

Step 2.
Flex your knees a little and bend from the hips so that your arms hand limp from the shoulders.

Step 3.
Form your putting grip as outlined above.

Step 4.
Now take a moment to identify the key elements in the posture. There should be a slight bend in your arms, With your elbows pointing in towards your ribcage. Think of your arms and shoulder as a triangle, and the stroke you perform should mimic a pendulum.

You should feel relaxed and comfortable over the ball with your weight evenly balanced.

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