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Make Your Own NBA Playoff Brackets

Are you looking to make your own NBA Playoff Brackets that look good and are useful for you? Well, your best friend can be Microsoft Excel. Here are some steps to take to create your own NBA Playoff Brackets. For your own customizable NBA Playoff Brackets in Microsoft Excel you will need two areas. The first one is the title area, and the second is your tracking area. It might sound basic, but with Excel you can do many different things in your title and tracking areas to customize them.

Your title should include your name and any other information about you that you like. Go ahead and put the text in the first line of the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that you create. You can then right click on the cell which you entered your title on. Select “format” and go ahead and choose the font you want (including the size), the outline of the cell you want for your title, and choose a colored font to make it stand out.

nba playoff
nba playoff

Remember, this is a customized bracket so I am going to suggest doing somethings here that are a little different than those pre-printed ones you see at websites and in your local newspaper. The first change is in your first column put both teams names in the same cell such as Wizards/Cavaliers. Do this for each of the eight first round matchups, in the order so that the winners from each round will then face the team that wins the bracket below or above them. Go ahead and highlight the team you want to win, right click and for pattern choose a green font.

Under each matchup, on the left hand side put Game 1 through Game Seven. Then in the row just above column one, put each team’s name in adjoining cells. To the right of that type “top scorer” in one cell, and “series record” in the one next to that. Both of these cells can be resized to 14 characters. Fill in these cells after each game for each of the series in the NBA Playoffs.

After the first round is complete, go ahead and put the winning teams from the previous rounds in cells to the right of where there first round information was listed and in between the two games that produced the new matchup. Once again put both teams on the same line and mark your pick with either a different font or color using the font option after right clicking on the cell. Repeat the steps for the second round games as indicated for the first round games in the paragraph above.

Continue doing this for each round, and you will have an informative and customize NBA Playoff Bracket spreadsheet that you created on your own.

Here is a key, you want to have your spreadsheet show up on one page. Go to the File selection on the top tool bar, then select page setup, next on the page selection make sure you click the circle for Landscape. Using portrait your page will never be long enough to include all the brackets. I highly recommend using two different pages, one for each conference. Next in the same options under the Page Setup, choose sheet and make sure that you don’t have the gridlines box checked.

Finally once again in the file menu on the top tool bar, select Print Preview. Along the top row of buttons you will see “page break preview”, select this. The dotted lines will indicate where your pages will end. If you don’t like where they are, just drag them and Excel will automatically adjust the fonts to make your information fit on the page for you.

This might not be a traditional playoff bracket, but remember the key is creating your own NBA Playoff Brackets. Microsoft Excel is a great tool to customize these brackets as listed above to include the information you want. Once you get to a final line with the champion, play with the formatting to make them stand out on your brackets. You can print your brackets each time you edit them if you wish, or just at the end of every round. Remember the decisions are up to you when you make your own NBA Playoff Brackets.

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