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Powerblock Dumbbells

Introduction of Powerblock Dumbbells in the World of Technology, Safety and Body Fitness

Founders of Intellbell, Greg Olson and Carl Towley introduced its concept into the fitness industry in the starting of 19th century. They work for fitness equipment for companies like as Parabody and Cybex in the industry for over ten years. They determined to start work for technology for providing the fitness enthusiasts with the advance benefits of dumbbells. They wanted to turn the history of hex head dumbbells or racks into advanced, low cast dumbbells. Finally, they introduced their concept as Powerblock dumbbells.

Powerblock Design
Powerblock dumbbells are designed in such a way that a consumer can get awesome benefits. Before introducing this design, engineers were awfully busy and determined to create such product, which has a large number of advantages. Finally, they introduced Powerblock design, which was consisted of three pieces:

Powerblock Dumbbells

• The core
• The weights
• The selector pin

The core is consisted of Powerblock handle, located inside the first weight. The first weight joined the second weight, and the second weight joined the third weight and so on. You may slide the weight selector pin into the Powerblock sides as you select weight in the gym on a weight stack. When you’ll lift the weight, unselected weight remains there and selected weight will be lifted at the same time. After having an exercise you may place it back in unused weights.

Powerblock Dumbbells Safety

If you have a look at Powerblock, you’ll say that this core cannot handle the weight, but it is not true. Actually, Powerblock core is designed in such a way that it provides you with strong but light weight at the same time, due to having an extremely strong material of industrial composite. The strangest part of this technology is that the weight of its core is only five lbs.

In view of the safety purposes, the selector pin is well secured when you place it in Powerblock. It is only due to main concentration for safety purpose. The selector pin also provides you an added security of prevention from slipping. The core of Powerblock can easily lift all the weight that pinned with it, so it is totally secured.

Powerblock Dumbbells
Powerblock Dumbbells

You may build the nice shoulders, chest and arm workout with these dumbbells. In addition, you can use them as a handle for exercise of dips and pushups on the floor. You’ll also say that you are impressed but purchase them and workout with them, is conditioned.

Who Should Buy Powerblock Dumbbells?

Such a person who wants to burn his calories and also wants to trim the fatty areas of his body, but he could not find the time to go to the gym. The existence of Powerblock is very beneficial for him. You can work out with them at your home.

How Heavy Can Powerblock Get?

It all depends on you. There are many Powerblock dumbbells available with various levels of resistance. Go out and search for your desired dumbbells set:

• 3-24 lbs
• 5-50 lbs
• 2.5-55 lbs
• 2.5-90 lbs

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