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Rules of Netball

Like in any sport, Netball has it’s on unique set of netball rules. Easy to follow yet some times mistakes are made. In this short post I will try to accommodate you with this simple rules that anyone can learn and execute! Attention! It will be impossible to fit all the rule of netball in a single post that Is why I will tell you about the basics and the most important rules there are! In time the more you practice the more you will learn but for now there are a few rules you need to know so that you can play netball.

Let’s look at the team!

Teams are formed out of seven players. At least 5 players must be present on the field, one which will play center.


The substitution can only be made when a player is injured or it is half time. It is surprising but there is no limit to the number of substitutions that can be made in a single game!

rules of netball
rules of netball

For example if the match started with five or six players and the rest of the team arrived late then they must wait until the next center pass before joining the game!


There are seven position on the field that your team must take! Each role is highly important!

The Goal Keeper will work with Goad Defense and prevent the Goal Attack and Goal Shooter from scoring goals.

Goal Defense has to win the ball and try to stop the Goal Attack.

Wing Defense will look for interceptions and prevent the Wing Attack from helping the circle.

Center must link the defense and attack.

Goal Attack Must feed and work with the Goal Shooter.

Goal Shooter must score goals and work around the circle with Goal Attack.

How to Start the Game

Like in many sports the center pass will be decided between the two captains by the toss of a coin. But rather something more specific to netball the center passes will alternate between the teams no matter what team scores.

Before the referee blows the whistle, players must stand in the goal thirds except the Centers. The Center with the ball must stand in the circle and obey footwork. The opposing player stand anywhere within the circle and can move.

After the whistle the Center must pass and the ball be caught or touched within the Center Third.

The Center player must hurry back to the center circle and step in.

Center Circle Footwork

Footwork rule applies in the center circle.

Offside Rule

Any player without the ball can’t move into any area except theirs.


Receiving the ball.

With both feet in the floor or a jump catch with the landing on both feet simultaneously.

You can take a step and then pass or pivot on one foot. After you took a step the foot that remained on the floor is considered the landing foot.

Same thing goes with the catch or landing in one foot. The landing foot may not move but you can still pivot with the other one.


A player must not contact an opponent, deliberately or accidentally, in a way that will interfere with the play of the opponent or cause contact to occur.


Only The Goal Shooter and the Goal Attacker are able to score goals. They must stand inside the goals circle so that they can shoot.

The ball being replayed

The player can’t replay the ball.

This are the most important rules of netball. Although there are many more for the novice this is more than enough to start playing this fantastic game. The more you play the more you learn and the better you will become!

Some people might search for netball rules for kids, New Zealand, Australia or indoor. But the most important thing is that all of them are pretty much the same and you need to learn the basics. Only by learning the most simple regulations you can move on to the more advanced one and you need practice also! So don’t think about how many principles there are just play and in time you will learn everything you need to know!


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