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Superbowl Kickoff Time

Tips for an Enjoyable and Safe Super Bowl Experience

If you need to know what time Super Bowl kickoff starts, you may need to dig out all the information and make yourself ready before the game starts.

If you don’t want to miss Super Bowl kickoff time, then you might want to turn on your TV , few hours before the game start on Sunday. If you want to make sure you do not missing one minute of Super Bowl kickoff action, I would advise tuning in long before the scheduled Super Bowl kickoff time!


If you want to experience the whole Super Bowl Sunday kickoff time experience, turn on your television at noon and enjoy all of the pre-game festivities. Super Bowl Sunday on NBC has a full day of entertainment in store for enthusiastic viewers to enjoy before the Super Bowl kickoff time. Music, comedy and exclusive interviews, which normally will include an interview with President of United States of America.

Tips For An Enjoyable And Safe Super Bowl Kickoff Time Experience

1. First and foremost, turn on your TV early. You do not want to mis the Super Bowl kickoff time!

2. Be sure to have PLENTY of food on hand. To offset the expense, ask your Super Bowl party guests, to bring a favorite dish. Beer is a favorite drink during the Super Bowl, so you need a lot of food on hand to help keep your guests sober.

3. Most food preparation can be handled in advance of the Super Bowl kickoff time. Simply prepare your dishes in advance and re-heat a few minutes before kickoff or let your guests make their plate and heat the food themselves!

4. Be sure to have plenty of chips, dips, popcorn, cold cuts and cheese for sandwiches on hand, in case your other dishes are depleted.

5. You will have the one or two guests that will have a little too much to drink, before, during or after Super Bowl kickoff time, so be prepared by having a place for them to sleep, should they not be capable of driving themselves home. Never let your friends drive while under the influence of alcohol.

6. If you are not equipped for overnight guests, have a designated driver to take your guests home, should they drink a little too much, during the Super Bowl kickoff festivities. Another good idea, is to have the number of cab services easily available, should the need arise.

7. Chicken wings, whether hot, spicy, fried or baked are a favorite of Super Bowl Sunday. Be sure that you have them prepared before Super Bowl kickoff time!

8. Long before Super Bowl kickoff time, take up a donation from your Super Bowl party guests and make a beer and alcohol run. This way everyone gets their favorite drink. Another alternative would be to tell each guest to bring the beverage of their choice. Again a word of caution, watch your guests for inebriation, and make sure they don’t drive while even slightly intoxicated.

9. Have plenty of paper plates, paper towels or napkins, Styrofoam cups, plastic forks and spoons, trash bags and the all important toilet paper, on hand for Super Bowl Sunday, to make clean up a lot easier.

Armed with this information, you should have a very enjoyable Super Bowl experience. Just make sure you have your television set turned on long before Super Bowl kickoff time!

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