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Why The Surface That You Practice On Matters

If you’re involved in an athletic sport you know that there are a lot of factors that contributes to you performing well. Whether it’s your first practice of the week or the fifteen minute warm up before the big game, it’s important to practice with the right equipment so that you don’t injure your body or play horribly.


Besides learning the right technique and mastering your skill, there are indirect components that are important when you practice. For example, if you play with a deflated ball, that might affect the way you are able to kick. Little things like the air pressure in a ball or the weight in a baseball bat can alter the way you practice and inevitably play. This is why it is so important that you practice properly so you can ultimately perform your best.

Even if the sport you play on uses a hardwood or dirt surface, it’s still important to practice on a surface consisting of grass. Not only is it great to practice in different environments but training outside on the grass is also more beneficial to your body.

Pro’s and Con’s of Grass Surfaces

Low Impact on Your Legs – Some sports like soccer, football, and lacrosse are always played on a grass field. This is ideal because grass is the best surface to run on, it helps your muscles to work hard without the heavy impact other surfaces may cause on your legs. Since sports injuries are common, practicing on a low impact surface like grass will help to reduce potential joint pain and soften the impact if you fall or tumble down.

Uneven Terrain – Although grass is an ideal surface to practice on, there are a couple of things to watch out. One of the main con’s of training or practicing on grass is the uneven terrain. Areas of natural grass, that hasn’t been formatted for athletic use may have hills or holes that you may be unable to locate. Since an area like a park or trail is natural, it hasn’t been smoothed out which can be potentially dangerous to runners.

Great for Practice – Although other sports like basketball, cheerleading and hockey aren’t played on grass surfaces. There is still practice and training required in any sport that you want to excel in. During practices it is great to work outside. Whether you are running or going over some new plays, practicing outside with fresh air and on the grass surface is better for your body overall.

Allergies – Even though grass is nature’s finest, some people have allergies or conditions that practicing on a grass surface won’t help. Sometimes practicing on artificial grass won’t cause any irritation but if it does, you may want to find other areas to practice.

Practicing on the right surface is important and matters to your body. Practicing on a grass surface allows you to work your body just as hard while reducing injury to your legs, and allows you to practice outside which is always better because you can intake more oxygen. Even though natural grass surfaces come with a couple of con’s, it is generally always better to practice on a grass surface.

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