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Top 5 Health Benefits of Rowing Machine for Men

Unlike females males are not usually health and weight conscious they eat what they want to. They neither get worried about weight gain in case they do they simply join gym and get into shape within no time. Gym joining and exercising is the best way to reduce weight but the major problem that restrains number of males from joining gym is time management. In this busy life every one routines is so hectic that they cannot get enough time for gym activities. That is why within past years ratio of obesity in males has been increased.

rowing machine
rowing machine

What to Do?

Accept one thing that without exercise you cannot lose appreciable amount of weight as exercise is must for weight loss. If you are facing time management problem for joining gym or engaging in healthy activities that reduce your weight then the best option for you is to make gym at home. Here, I am not talking about buying number of expensive machines what you only need is a rowing machine. Rowing machine alone can help you a lot in dealing with you weight problems.

Rowing Machine:

Rowing machine is one of the famous machines for bodybuilding and weight loss. It is famous because its operation involves more than five major muscles groups at a time. Hence, rowing machine gives your body muscle a spark that strengthens and builds them. In addition to muscle building there are numerous other health benefits of using rowing machine.

Health Benefits of Rowing Machine for Men:

Men who regularly use rowing machine experience e apart from muscle building following health benefits:

Shed off Abdominal Fats

When you operate rowing machine your abdominal muscles get under stress. Abdominal region has to face strong resistance for movement of machine which make the abdominal muscle s warm and boost up fat burning process in them. Thus, use of rowing machine leads to flat abdominal region.

Strengthens Your Muscles

Just like swimming rowing machine exercise strengthens your arms and shoulder muscles. Not only it strengthens muscles but also tone them. Along with upper lower body muscles are also build and increases in lean mass. One of the distinctive features of rowing machine is that it does emphasize whole body, upper body parts as well as lower body parts. It activates your body from head to toe that increases your energy level and working stamina.

Burn the Calories

On an average use of rowing machine burns 600 calories in one hour. It means if you regularly work for an hour then you burns approximately 18000 extra calories that your body don’t need. Not only this but also it converts excess glycogen present in body into muscle lean mass. When lean mass percentage in body is increased fat percentage automatically decreased which leads to appreciable weight loss.

Improves Mood

Another important health benefit of rowing exercise is mood improvement. When you are engaged in strenuous exercises like rowing machine exercise then serotonin level of secretion is increased in body. Serotonin is hormones that improves your mood and alleviate stress.

Thus there are numerous benefits of rowing machine for men.

When It Comes to Weight Loss:

Nothing can produce effective results in case of weight loss as exercise do. No matter how balanced diet you take until and unless you are engaged in physical activities you cannot maintain your health status. So, when it comes to weight loss then rowing machine is the ultimate option for you. Spare your time, buy and use rowing machine for your health sake. Regular use of rowing machine will definitely bring positive changes in your life as rowing machine benefits are amazing.

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