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Why Are Hockey Tickets So Expensive

Do you love hockey? Are you a fan of the sport, but find yourself unable to attend games due to high ticket prices? You are not alone.

Hockey tickets have become increasingly expensive over the years, leaving many fans feeling like they’ve been priced out of their favorite game. In this article, we will explore why hockey tickets have gotten so costly and what strategies can be used to obtain them at an affordable price.

We will look into everything from team & organization policies to scalpers & brokers and beyond in order to gain a better understanding of why these costs have risen so drastically.

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Cost of Hosting a Hockey Game

Hosting a game of ice hockey is no small feat, and the costs associated with it can really add up. This includes expensive equipment like ice resurfacing machines, rink materials, lights, scoreboards, protective netting, and officials fees.

Additionally, there are also expenses related to staffing such as security personnel and ticket takers. When you factor in all these costs it’s easy to see why hosting a game of hockey can be so costly.

But that’s not where the story ends – demand for hockey tickets is also an important factor in why prices remain high.

Demand for Hockey Tickets

You may be asking why these game passes are so pricey – and it all comes down to demand. Hockey tickets are in high demand, due to the popularity of the sport, fans’ desire for an exciting game experience, competitive pricing among teams, the emergence of secondary ticket markets that make it easier to purchase tickets, and regional or team loyalty.

These factors have resulted in many teams selling out their games early and having waiting lists for season tickets. To meet this high demand, teams often raise ticket prices. As a result, hockey ticket prices can be quite expensive compared to other sports.

Even though there is no single cause for the high cost of hockey tickets, understanding why they are so popular helps explain why they come with a hefty price tag. With this knowledge in mind, let’s explore how ticket prices are set by teams and organizations.

Ticket Prices Set by Teams & Organizations

Knowing why hockey tickets are so popular helps explain why they come with a hefty price tag, but let’s take a closer look at how teams and organizations set ticket prices.

Factors such as the game’s attendance, opponent quality, and seat location determine the cost of each ticket. Teams want to ensure that their revenue from tickets reflects the demand of both their loyal fans and those less familiar with the sport. Similarly, organizations like The National Hockey League (NHL) may also raise or lower prices depending on their teams’ performance in previous seasons.

It is important to understand that teams and organizations use data-driven approaches when setting prices in order to maximize profits. Consequently, this creates a market where demand often outpaces supply leading to higher-than-normal prices for hockey tickets.

This trend will continue until teams can find ways to increase supply without sacrificing their bottom line.

Impact of Ticket Scalpers & Brokers

Scalpers & brokers have had a major impact on the cost of hockey tickets, driving prices up to sometimes unreachable heights. Due to their ability to purchase large amounts of tickets and resell them at a much higher price, these third-party sellers can make it difficult for fans to get their hands on coveted seats without paying an inflated rate.

This has created an uneven market where those who are willing or able to pay more often win out over those who cannot afford the higher prices. As a result, hockey tickets have become increasingly expensive and out of reach for many people.

Cost of Travel & Accommodation

With scalpers driving up the costs of tickets, attending hockey games can be a hefty expense, not just for admission but for travel and lodging as well. For fans who are traveling from out-of-town to see their favorite team play, they must consider the cost of:

  1. Airfare or gas mileage.
  2. Hotel accommodations.
  3. Food and drink.
  4. Transportation around the city.

In many cases, these additional expenses are just as expensive—if not more so—than the actual ticket itself. This means that people who want to attend a hockey game have to factor in a large amount of money beyond what is required to buy tickets alone. It makes it difficult for those on a budget to enjoy watching their team in person.

As such, it’s important for hockey fans to plan ahead in order to keep their costs down when traveling to watch games live. With careful planning and budgeting, attending hockey games doesn’t have to break the bank.

Cost of Concessions & Merchandise

Now that you have an understanding of the cost of travel and accommodation associated with attending a hockey game, it’s important to understand the additional costs associated with concessions and merchandise.

When attending a hockey game, fans can expect to pay exorbitant prices for food and beverages at concession stands, as well as all manner of team branded apparel and memorabilia.

With vendors taking advantage of a captive audience in an enclosed arena or stadium, prices are typically far higher than normal retail establishments would charge for similar items.

Worse yet is the fact that these high prices are accepted by many fans who want to show their support for their favorite teams, creating an environment where most fans become accustomed to paying more than they should out of loyalty or enthusiasm.

This makes it difficult for those on a budget to attend games without feeling like they’re missing out, leaving them feeling burdened financially after every visit.

As such, it’s important to be aware of these hidden costs when considering whether or not you can afford tickets to see your favorite team play.

Differences in Ticket Prices for Home & Away Games

You might be surprised to discover that there are significant differences in ticket prices for home and away games, giving you the opportunity to enjoy live hockey without breaking the bank.

For starters, home teams typically charge higher rates than away teams due to their larger fan base and greater demand for tickets. Home teams also take into account the costs associated with hosting a game such as ice time rental fees, staffing costs, and arena overhead. Additionally, exclusive seating areas like luxury boxes will often cost more than regular seats.

On the other hand, away team tickets generally cost less since they don’t need to recoup those costs on any particular night.

The other factor affecting ticket prices is market demand – some cities may have higher average paychecks or a greater concentration of passionate hockey fans which can drive up ticket prices regardless of whether it’s a home or away game. But this shouldn’t discourage you from going because there are still plenty of opportunities to find affordable tickets if you know where to look.

Inflation & Rising Costs of Living

Inflation and the rising cost of living can make it hard to keep up with your expenses, making budgeting a must for any hockey fan. With prices increasing on almost every good or service people use, it’s no wonder why tickets to professional hockey games have gotten so expensive.

The increase in ticket prices is mainly caused by inflation, which is the general rise in prices over time due to an increase in the costs of production and labor. As the cost of goods increases, businesses are forced to raise their prices in order to stay profitable – including ice hockey teams.

In addition, the amount of money needed to maintain an arena also rises with inflation – from staff salaries and energy costs, to what it takes just to keep the ice frozen during hot summer months. All these factors contribute greatly towards higher ticket prices as they all help drive up the cost of attending a game for fans.

This makes budgeting for hockey tickets even more important than ever before for avid fans who want to experience watching their favorite team take the ice live. These economic forces can be difficult to manage but understanding them is key when trying to figure out why tickets are priced so high. This knowledge can help any fan find ways around sky-high ticket fees while still getting an unforgettable experience at their favorite rink – without breaking their budget.

Influences of Media on Ticket Prices

With media influence playing a huge role in ticket prices, it’s no wonder that the average NHL team saw an increase of over 10% in attendance from 2018-2019. The public’s perception of a game is greatly influenced by the amount of media coverage it receives, and teams are capitalizing on this knowledge to raise ticket prices.

This is especially true for popular, successful teams who are consistently featured in the news or on television. When these teams perform well and have high ratings, they can charge more for tickets as fans will be willing to pay them.

Additionally, special events such as playoffs also help generate higher interest which drives up the cost of tickets.

Social media has also played a significant role in driving up the cost of tickets as it allows teams to reach out directly to their fan base and promote their games quickly and easily. By marketing through social media platforms, teams can create hype around certain games or promotions which further encourages people to buy tickets at higher costs.

Strategies to Obtain Hockey Tickets at Affordable Prices

If you’re a hockey fan looking to score tickets at an affordable price, you’ve come to the right place. There are several strategies you can use to obtain hockey tickets at a discounted rate. Here’s a list of ways to get your hands on cheaper tickets:

  1. Use online coupon codes or discount codes when buying tickets online.
  2. Try attending early season games that don’t have as much demand and may be cheaper.
  3.  Consider signing up for a fan club or loyalty program with the team – these can sometimes offer discounts on merchandise and ticket prices.

Besides using discount codes, there are lots of other creative tactics you can use to save money on hockey tickets. One way is to purchase single-game tickets from season ticket holders who can’t attend each game for one reason or another. Another idea is to look out for last-minute deals or special offers that might appear close to game time; teams often offer deep discounts in order to fill up empty seats in the arena before puck drop.

You can consider taking advantage of student/senior discounts if they exist in your area – these could give you an extra few dollars off your ticket price too.

Final Thoughts

You’re probably feeling pretty frustrated right now. You wanted to go to a hockey game, but the tickets are way out of your budget.

It’s not just you though – ticket prices for hockey games have been skyrocketing for years and it doesn’t look like they’ll be coming down anytime soon.

But don’t worry – with a bit of ingenuity and some strategic planning, you can find ways to get tickets at more affordable prices.

So don’t let expensive tickets keep you from experiencing the excitement of live hockey.

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