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Basic and Advanced Training Drills for Netball

Netball Training Drills

Netball is a team-based game, and almost all effort, if not all, should be concentrated on improving team-specific skills. The best way to improve the abilities of a team is to follow several specific drills.

This will be a short but highly valued post that will show you the most common tactics you will have to master before playing in a highly valued team. Remember that the basics will separate your team from the rest.

First Netball Drill

The first one is a simple yet essential technique. Grab a teammate and a ball. This will be fairly easy to do. The best place to practice this one is on a volleyball or tennis because of all the marks on the field.

netball drills
netball drills

The feeder will be the one that will make the chest pass to her right. The worker will have to move forward to receive the ball. It is very important that the worker runs onto the ball itself and does not stay still and receive the ball.

The key to this first exercise is repeatedly going until you feel comfortable doing it, and you don’t even have to think about it! After that, switch the side you are passing to the other one, switch positions and roles!

Second Drill

This exercise will be the most effective at improving the accuracy and speed of the player on the court. For this netball drill, you will need three players and two balls to execute correctly. And the best place to practice would be a tennis or volleyball court!

The technique will involve one worker and two feeders. The worker will be the one receiving the ball and returning it with a chest pass. All three will sprint to their left once at the end of the court they will return a chest pass by batting it back. And there should be a rotation every thirty seconds.

Third Drill

The last netball training drill will involve six people in total which three will be defenders that will be on one-third of the court with one ball, and three will be attackers. The players will be passing quickly to each other and, in the meanwhile concentrating on the footwork, speed, agility, and accuracy at all times, and remember that you may not pass to the player that you received the ball from. As soon as the enemy team takes the ball, the roles change the defenders become attackers and vice versa.

This drill is the best one to improve agility and awareness and train players to keep their heads clear off all outside interference and concentrate on the game!

Netball Training Drills for Kids

Playing outside in the clean air is something that our kids don’t get that much nowadays, but who is there to blame? Ourselves, them or maybe Facebook, videogames? Instead of blaming someone, we should teach our children the beauty of sports, and netball is a great way for kids to stay fit and teach them to work together.

In this post, you will see many ways kids can play, train and learn how to enjoy this simple yet wonderful sport! They will learn simple things like how to pass, defend and attack. Kids will be begging to play after this post! Drills for kids are fun and easy!

The Warm-Up

Warm-Up is the most important thing to do when you are about to solicit big chunks of energy from your body. The best and most important warm-up is jogging. Five laps would be enough, and after that, include some stretches like arm swings, torso twists, squats, and hamstring walks.

Tag Game

The tag game is self-explanatory. The one with the ball must tag the other team, but the key moment is that he may not throw the ball but chase the other players and touch them with the ball. Once there is only one more player on the court, that means the game has ended, and we can declare a winner. A simple but entertaining game to play!

Pass and Catch

The pass and catch might be the very first game humans have to aver played. It is simple fun, and anyone can do it. But let’s make it a little bit more interesting.

Create a circle of five or more and give them three balls. They must pass the ball to their left and catch the ball from their right. Those who drop the ball lose and must exit the game with the ball. In the end, there will be two who will have to remain with at least two balls the one who drops the ball loses! It’s a bit harder than the other but always fun to play!

King Ball

This is a drill that kids love! By dividing the kids into two teams, you will assign one to be the king. The king of each team must stand on their bench.

Each team must do their best to become kings and stand on their team’s bench. Those who will do this first will win the game and the title of King! Players may only become kings after a successful pass to their team’s king and without having the king fall of the bench whilst abiding by netball rules.

This would be very easy, but lest you make some rules like before passing to the king, you must have at least 3 passes to your team, or you must be in a certain spot to do that!

Passing Drills

Passing is one of the skills that all netball players need to practice and master as soon as possible. A team can’t work together without passing! The following netball passing drills were created to teach players and teams to properly and accurately learn the passing technique.

Dizzy Passing

It is a simple yet effective drill that will help you become more accurate and agile. To perform this drill, players must stand in a circle, and one player in the middle of it, the one positioned in the center, will be the passer. You will give one ball to the passer, giving one ball to the players in the circle.

The passer in the center will pass to the right of a player holding the other ball at the same moment as the player for the circle, passing the ball to the passer! This exercise will continue until it is made a full circle.

Four Corner Pass

It sounds simple, and yes, it is. This netball drill requires four players to stand in a square. The fifth player will be attacked while standing in the middle with the ball.

The player inside the square must drive, cut, and use the area he is in until they’ve passed and received from each player standing in the corner two times. The player that is attacking must not pass to the same player twice in a row.

Fast Hands

This exercise will help players make quick passes and improve the reaction time in a matter of milliseconds.

Pair up the players and give a ball to each pair. Chose the distance you wish to have between your partner, usually three to four yards is enough. The receiving player will have his hands down, and the passer will perform a chest pass.

The player that is receiving will have to catch the ball as soon as it is near him. The catch must be instant. He may not hold his hands up for more than half a second. Half a second is long as it takes you to say crocodile in a normal manner.

The roles are switch every thirty seconds.

See Saw

In this drill, you will need three players and one ball. Players must stand in a T. Two players will be at each end of the horizontal line, and the third will stay at the bottom. Just imagine a pyramid with a narrow bottom.

The passer will pass to the middle of the T, where one of the players must drive in at the ball and, after that, pass it to the original player. Then you go back to your spot.

And everyone rotates and does this exercise at least three times.

Coaching Drills

Coaching drills are a significant way to teach players a new variety of skill sets that are very important in netball. Sadly, there are few places where you can find great exercises, but hey, this might be your lucky day because you just found them here!

Number Netball

An easy, effective, and fun drill that will create better offensive skills for your players is really simple. Divide your players into two groups and give each player in every group a number, one, two… you get the idea!

Give a ball to one group, which will become the offensive one. The ball starts at player number one, which will pass to number two, and so once the team reaches the highest number, that team wins.

The other group must try to take the ball away and do the same thing. Each time the enemy team steals the ball, you will have to start from scratch ( one, two…).

Triangle Defense

A great coaching drill that will help your players develop their defensive skills requires a ball and four players.

To start the process, you will need to position three players in a triangle. Each standing about 3-4 meters apart and give the ball to one of them.

The last player will become the defender that will stand in front of the passer.

The player that has the ball must make a chest pass to the other two players. Once the defender gets the ball, rotation comes into play.

Netball Defense Drills

We all know that does not consist only of those who attack but of those who defend also. Without a strong defense, you can’t ever hope to win a match, and that is why it is crucial to work and practice your defensive skills.

Piggy In The Middle

This defensive drill will require seven or even more players and one ball.

You will have the players form a circle with two players in the middle to perform the exercise. The players forming the circle must then pass to one another until one of the piggybacks catches the ball.

The idea is simple, and every time the player catches the ball, the player will join the circle, and the one that lost it by passing will take his place.

Red Rover Drill

Another great exercise for working on the defensive skills with two-thirds of a netball court.

The first three players will be the defenders and are not allowed to cross the transverse line, which is the middle marker.

Same as with the piggy drill, the rest of the players will have to cross the transverse line, and the defender must try to zone them. As soon as all the players except one cross the line, the game is over. the last player will be switching with one of the defenders.

Fitness Drills

Netball is a very demanding sport, and it is imperative to keep your players fit and well every day. Fitness drills are very important and help you stay fit and feel better with every exercise you do.

Reaction Drill

You can do this exercise with a large and a small group of players.
Players will stand in one goal thirds standing two meters away from each other in all directions and face the coach, who must be in the center of the circle with the ball. At the coach’s signal, players must start jogging on the spot known as “fast feet” and watch the coach and the ball as the coach moves around players. You will always have to watch and be facing the coach.

Zig Zagging

Simple but effective that the way we want it!

It’s easily performed by having the players line up at the bottom corner of your training field or a court with the player in front of the line becoming the leader, and the rest will follow.

After that, you start jogging in a zigzag around the court, performing different drills that the coach will give you.

Repeat until players are worn out.

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