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Different Darts Terms and Their Meanings

Playing darts can be a lot of fun. It’s a social game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. It can be played in a casual setting, such as at home or at a bar, or in a more competitive setting, such as in a league or tournament.

darts terms

Many people enjoy the challenge of trying to hit specific sections of the dartboard, such as the bullseye, and the satisfaction of seeing their darts stick in the board. Additionally, darts can be played in a variety of different formats, such as 301, 501, or cricket, which can keep the game interesting for the players.

However, if you are new to the game, you might be confused about the terms and jargon used by the dart players. If you are not familiar with all the terms that are used in this game, you will keep yourself in the dark and will not be able to enjoy playing the game completely.

Get to know the Terms and Their Meanings

Therefore, the first thing for you to enjoy the game is for you to figure out all the terms the frequently used and understand the meanings of each term. Here are some common darts terms and their meanings that need to know. There are many other terms and phrases used in the game, it’s always good to ask and clarify terms if you’re unsure of their meaning in order to avoid confusion.

Out or Outer: The outer ring of the dartboard, is worth 25 points.

Inner: The inner ring of the dartboard, is worth 50 points.

Double: The thin outer ring, is worth double the points of the section hit.

Triple: The thin inner ring, is worth triple the points of the section hit.

Bullseye: The center of the dartboard, worth 50 points.

Double bullseye: The inner ring of the bullseye, is worth 25 points in some games and 50 in other games.

Tons: Hitting 100 points with a single dart.

Ton eighty: Hitting 180 points with three darts.

Dart: A small projectile that is thrown at the dartboard.

Dartboard: The circular board that darts are thrown at, divided into numbered sections.

Oche: The line from which the player throws the darts

Checkout: The finishing combination of darts needed to win a game.

Leg: A single game within a match.

Set: A group of legs, typically best of x legs.

Match: A series of sets played to determine a winner.

Bust: When a player’s score exceeds the desired score for a particular round, resulting in a score of zero for that round.

Chucker: A player who throws their darts in a casual or unrefined manner.

Fish: A player who is not very good.

Fuzzy: A dart that hits the wire but does not stay on the board.

Hat-trick: When a player throws three darts in one turn and lands them all in the same section of the board, usually the triple or double ring.

Muggy: A player who is not very good and is easily beaten.

Outshot: The combination of darts needed to win a leg, set, or match.

Pipe: The thin center wire that runs through the bullseye.

Round the clock: A game in which players take turns trying to hit all numbers on the board in numerical order as quickly as possible.

Shanghai: When a player throws three darts in one turn and lands one in the single, one in the double, and one in the triple of the same number.

Stick: A dart that lands on the board and stays there.

Wedding ring: The thin ring around the double bull.

Wires: The thin dividers between the sections on a dartboard.

Five: This is another way to say the number “15”.

Sixes: Another way to say the number “16”.

Sevens: Another way to say the number “17”.

Eights: Another way to say the number “18”.

Nines: Another way to say the number “19”.

It’s worth noting that some of these terms may vary in usage and meaning depending on the location and community where the darts are played, and some terms may be specific to certain regions or countries.

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