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Get Familiar With Different Types of Dumbbell Sets

A dumbbell consists of a metal short bar and two plates or balls of metal on both sides. You may use it for your muscles development and exercise. Dumbbell sets are available now in different sizes, shapes, and combinations.

If you want to burn your fat to gain muscle and improve your physical fitness, you should purchase a dumbbell set for exercise to achieve your goal. It is a common thought. Health is wealth. So, I think exercise is the best way to keep you fit, but it is very hard without a dumbbell set. It will be the right investment in the right place. There are a lot of types of dumbbell sets, some of them are most common, and they are hereunder:

Chrome Dumbbells:

Chrome dumbbells are shiny and have chromic colors. If you keep them at home, they will make a good look. Due to having an innovative racking system, Chrome Dumbbells would not pinch your fingers.

Economical Dumbbells:
Economical Dumbbells and their sets are affordable and have a variety of styles. You can get in different combinations of sets.

Pro-Style Dumbbells:

Pro-Style Dumbbells consist of two metal plates with a short metal bar. You can find different colors and sizes and also can get a different combination of the sets. Pro-Style Dumbbells are available in the market in a maximum of 160 lb weight.

Compact Dumbbells:
Compact Dumbbells consist of plates on both sides of a short metal bar and also in different shapes. There is no rubber coating on them.

Hex Dumbbells:

Hex Dumbbells have no plates but hexagon shapes on both ends of a short metal bar. Since the beginning, we had no choice except hex dumbbells, but now we can have iron hex dumbbells with straight handles. You can also find rubber hex dumbbells, urethane hex dumbbells, etc.

Rubber Coated Dumbbells:
Rubber Coated Dumbbells have a great look and also have benefits except for exercise. For example, you may exercise safer due to rubber coating around them without fear of damaging your floor when you drop them.

Solid Steel Dumbbells:
Solid steel Dumbbells have no bolts to come loose ever. No bolts mean no loose plates and are free from harsh noise. For safety purposes, most of them are welded completely. You may find them in different sizes, weights, and combinations of solid steel dumbbell sets.

Most Important Types of Adjustable Dumbbell Set

There are different sizes and different prices of adjustable dumbbells, so it is necessary to search online to purchase a better set of dumbbells. If you want to get a better workout at your home, we suggest you purchase a set of dumbbells.

Here, you’ll see that there are a lot of companies, many models and different sizes. They might confuse you, but do not worry. We’ll help you here to choose the best deal. We are here presenting options for your consideration. Please have a look:

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells:

We’ll provide the options according to your needs. If you have less space at your home, or you are living in an apartment, despite all these conditions, you can enjoy a better workout at your place with the help of Bowflex Select Tech 552 Dumbbells.

This type of adjustable dumbbell has a distinguished design. That’s why one pair of Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells contains fifteen different sets. Due to having a prompt weight-changing system of the dial, we can quickly and easily change the weight within seconds and get a better workout.

This dumbbell allows you to change the weight to 2.5 pounds with one movement on its dial. In this way, you can progress gradually by small changes in weight. The height of a dumbbell is 9 inches, long 15.75, and wide 8 inches.

Powerblock Classic Adjustable Dumbbell Set 5 to 45 Pounds Set:

When discussing adjustable dumbbells, you cannot ignore the importance of Powerblock’s classic adjustable dumbbell set. Powerblock dumbbells cover shallow space and have nine different sets of dumbbells in one complete set.

Dumbbell sets start from five pounds and go to forty-five pounds (45lbs). So, in this way, we can save our space and also save time. These dumbbells have three parts, including core, selector pin, and weights set. With the help of a selector pin, you can select your desired weight within a few seconds.

In addition, it is highly tempered for safety purposes, and an industrial-strength material is used in it to make it more secure. You can get a better workout with the help of Powerblock’s classic adjustable dumbbell set at home.
Ironmaster Quick-Lock 75 Pounds Adjustable Dumbbell System:

Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Now, we are going to achieve a hard target. If anyone wants a heavy-duty workout and wants to save time and space, we recommend Ironmaster quick-lock dumbbells. Ironmaster dumbbells are also adjustable dumbbells, and you will be surprised when they’ll inform you that one complete set of Ironmaster quick-lock dumbbells consist of 30 different pairs of dumbbell sets.

If we look at their safety features, we see the durability and toughness of these dumbbells that you’ll not feel any type of looseness during their use.

Lifesmart Adjustable Dumbbells 5- to 55-Pound Set:

These dumbbells allow their user to work out securely and get the most effective benefits. When we talk about adjustable dumbbells set, Lifesmart adjustable dumbbell sets have very important due to their prompt weight changing setup and durable lock system.

York Dumbbell

In fact, York is an Olympic weightlifting company. This company constructs large numbers of products, which are being used as equipment for development, weightlifting. York is playing a vital role in fitness by providing us a variety of York barbells, York dumbbells, free weights, and different accessories for bodybuilding and toning.

York offers you training accessories, weight training belts, weight training gloves, lifting straps, etc. Intoning accessories, York provides grip exercisers, gym balls, hand weights, skipping ropes, etc.

We are here discussing York dumbbells. You’ll find a large number of dumbbells kind in York’s field. Some of them are hereunder:

Rubber Hex Dumbbell (115LB):

York Rubber Hex Dumbbell (115LB)

Rubber hex dumbbell is provided you the most important safety features because it consists of a rubber cover on both sides of its head. The central shaft of the dumbbells is 35 mm thick and consists of solid steel. Both heads of a dumbbell are permanently fixed to a steel bar and torque threaded. The user of the rubber hex dumbbell can comfortably use it due to its chrome handle. Its rubber coating provides you durability, enhances appearance, protects flooring, and noiseless workout.

York Iron Pro Hex Dumbbells (5LB):

York Iron Pro Hex Dumbbells (5-100 LB)

York Iron pro Hex Dumbbell is very famous due to its special features. Its heads have softened edges, which provide you the durability of paint, cracking, and chipping. If we ask about its grip, we see that a user can comfortably grip it in his palm. Its central shaft is 35mm thick and permanently embedded with its heads.

York Company also makes a large number of dumbbell benches for getting a better workout. We are presenting here only a few:

York DB4 Dumbbell Bench:

York DB4 Dumbbell Bench
Each dumbbell has a different range of weights. York DB4 Dumbbells bench can hold the weight of 200 kg maximum. You may get a workout with the York DB4 dumbbell bench in different 10 incline or decline angles because its backrest has multi-position padded. You can also turn it into a sturdy ABDO bench for sitting up with the knee, covered with foam rollers. You may use it at your home.

York is also manufacturing different accessories, which are concerned with weight lifting and are used in exercise. Such as:

York Mini Hand Weights:

York Mini Hand Weights
York mini hand weights are handy for arms toning. With the use of them, you can increase the intensity of your workout. In addition, they have an elasticated strap, which is ensured that it will be fitted in your hand’s palm safely and snugly. One thing more, that you’ll be provided with two hand weights at the same price.

Triceps Full Extension Bar:

Triceps Full Extension Bar
York also offers a complete variety of cable machine accessory bars, and you’ll find a hard chrome coating and a rubber grip thick 35mm, which is only for getting the comfort of users. You are being provided with quality products of all types of York barbell, York dumbbell, and accessories used in exercise machines.

York 5-40 lb Chrome Dumbbell Set w/ Rack:

York 5-40 lb Chrome Dumbbell Set w/ Rack

York’s chrome dumbbell rack is available in the market for saving your space. With the help of a rack, you can easily save your space in your gym or at your home. It is also attractive due to its chrome coating and is also covered with durable nylon for placing the York dumbbell set. It is only for its prevention from scratches.

Bowflex Dumbbells

Well, you want to work out at home. That’s a good idea, but you think about what kind of equipment you’ll need to get a good workout. Before finding a solution to this question, another question will have arisen in your mind: where I’ll keep this heavy equipment, or have I any extra space at home?

Bowflex Dumbbells

If you purchase a weight stack with pins, it will be unnecessarily heavy and bulky equipment. Although a weight stack is a great idea, yet it’ll take a huge space for fitness equipment at your home. This problem has occurred specifically for those living in apartments and have no proper space for a weight stack.

After these entire disadvantages, I think it was not a good idea. If you decide to purchase free weights, you’ll feel fear of wasting your time adding and removing the plates. So, what will you do? We have a straightforward solution to your huge problem. Purchase Bowflex Dumbbells and feel free to get a better workout.

Benefits of Bowflex Dumbbells:

If someone is passionate and eager to put his upper body into fantastic shape, Bowflex dumbbells are being considered effective. These are adjustable, and you can adjust them by twisting their cranks as you wish or according to space. The preferable benefit of this dumbbell is its portability & less space because it takes a bit of space, and you can also fit it into the closest space or under your bed.

dumbbells workout

In the case of using free weights, you have to purchase a set of different weights, and if you already have a set of plates, then it’ll waste your time adding and removing the plates from the bar. If you compare it with Bowflex dumbbells, you will see that you have straightforwardly solved a big problem. You’ll observe that everything, which was becoming a haddock for you, occurred automatically, like unloading and uploading plates, weight stacks, rod sets, etc.

Easiest Way of Use Bowflex Dumbbells:

Usage of subjected dumbbells is straightforward. They have a complete unit of free weights of fifteen (15) sets, and the most important thing is that you will find all sets into one. You may use the dial of dumbbells set for change in weights. For example, to get twenty-five pounds (25lb) weight, you’ll have to adjust the dial at 2.5 lbs. As it is, 5 for 7.5, 10 for 12.5, 15 for 17.5, 20 for 22.5, 25 for 30, 35 for 40 and so on.

Safety Features:

When we select a dumbbell set, free weight, or a machine for working out, to get muscular physic or for another purpose, we should check its safety features because safety is a major feature of any workout. Now, again we refer you to use Bowflex dumbbells due to having safety features.

You may find safety locking features in them. For example, if you dial 45 pounds and do not hear the ok signal of the dumbbell (I mean the sound of clicking), which shows the locked setting, you cannot remove the dumbbells from the stand.

Powerblock Dumbbells

Intellbell, Greg Olson, and Carl Towley introduced its concept into the fitness industry starting in the 19th century. They have worked for fitness equipment companies like Parabody and Cybex in the industry for over ten years.

They determined to start work for technology for providing fitness enthusiasts with the advanced benefits of dumbbells. They wanted to turn the history of hex head dumbbells or racks into advanced, low cast dumbbells. Finally, they introduced their concept as Powerblock dumbbells.

Powerblock Design
Powerblock dumbbells are designed in such a way that a consumer can get awesome benefits. Before introducing this design, engineers were awfully busy and determined to create such a product, which has many advantages. Finally, they introduced Powerblock design, which was consisted of three pieces:

Powerblock Dumbbells

  • The core
  • The weights
  • The selector pin

The core consists of a Powerblock handle located inside the first weight. The first weight joined the second weight, the second weight joined the third weight, and so on. You may slide the weight selector pin into the Powerblock sides as you select weight in the gym on a weight stack.

When you lift the weight, unselected weight remains there, and you will lift the selected weight simultaneously. After having an exercise, you may place it back in unused weights.

Powerblock Dumbbells Safety

If you look at Powerblock, you’ll say that this core cannot handle the weight, but it is not true. Actually, Powerblock core is designed to provide you with strong but lightweight at the same time due to having a solid material of industrial composite. The strangest part of this technology is that the weight of its core is only five lbs.

Given safety purposes, the selector pin is well secured when you place it in Powerblock. It is only due to the main concentration for safety purposes. The selector pin also provides you an added security of prevention from slipping. The core of Powerblock can easily lift all the weight pinned with it, so it is totally secured.

You may build nice shoulders, chest, and arm workouts with these dumbbells. In addition, you can use them as a handle for the exercise of dips and pushups on the floor. You’ll also say that you are impressed but purchase them and workout with them is conditioned.

Who Should Buy Powerblock Dumbbells?

Such a person wants to burn his calories and trim the fatty areas of his body, but he cannot find the time to go to the gym. The existence of Powerblock is very beneficial for him. You can work out with them at your home.

How Heavy Can Powerblock Get?

It all depends on you. There are many Powerblock dumbbells available with various levels of resistance. Go out and search for your desired dumbbells set:

  • 3-24 lbs
  • 5-50 lbs
  • 2.5-55 lbs
  • 2.5-90 lbs

Benefits of Dumbbells Exercises:

Dumbbells are very important from an exercise point of view. With the help of these above-described dumbbell types, you can better your workout. When you quite developed your muscles and were also successful in trimming the fatty areas of your body with exercise, now you have good physic, and you are looking more confident. Now just dress up nicely and inspire the people.

Strength exercise makes your bones strong and protects muscles. It also heightens the rating of your metabolism. It’ll also control your weight. Exercise remains a person active and removes the habit of extra sleeping.

Exercise is the only thing that in return you get many more benefits. Dumbbell exercises do not require many hours. Just fifteen to twenty minutes of exercise are sufficient to burn calories and make you physically muscular.

Factors You Need to Know When Buying Dumbbells

We are living in such an era; where everyone desires to look distinguished. Although there are many ways yet you can choose an exercise to make your personality distinguished from others. To maintain your personality/physic, workout with dumbbells is the easiest and effective way.

So, if you are going to market to buy dumbbells, before purchasing/buying dumbbells, you have to know something important about them. For example, all types of dumbbells, the use of each type, its material, and how it works. For your ease, the general description of dumbbells is hereunder:

General Description:

There are four general dumbbells, including adjustable dumbbells, fixed weight dumbbells, solid metal dumbbells, and plastic coated dumbbells. Adjustable dumbbells have adjustable weights; you can move plates of weight to the outer piece of a dumbbell. These adjustable dumbbells have secured clips to catch the plates after adjustment. Generally, in adjustable dumbbells, they can maximize your five to fifty pounds of weight.

If you wish to tone your muscles, then you should use fixed-weight dumbbells. You may find these dumbbells in different ranges of weight. You can also purchase solid metal dumbbells because these dumbbells are more durable and have been made of single case iron pieces.

You may find them with rubber coating; it is just for your safety purpose. If you want the lightweight workout, you should use plastic-coated dumbbells because plastic-coated dumbbell is filled with sand and concrete. However, a bad factor of this dumbbell is that it is not durable.

buy dumbbells
buy dumbbells

Mechanism of Screw-in plates:

You have seen some dumbbells, which are screwed, and you may find a screw-on their collar to fix the plates in place, whereas others have plane surfaces. We have noticed that although adjustable dumbbells have less security yet, they are the best if these dumbbells work properly.

For example, during your workout dumbbells, if one plate of 25 lb is dropped onto your toes, during doing hammer curls, it’ll not only be fun. So, make your choice carefully.

These were some important and general types of dumbbells. So, whenever you purchase dumbbells, do not forget to consider their factors like workout type, weight, durability, comfort, etc. Normally, we have observed that traditional cast iron dumbbells are economical and last longer.

If you are looking for portable dumbbells, then adjustable dumbbells are available. Therefore, purchase the right dumbbells or dumbbell sets to have the proper workout for strength training.


The material of dumbbells is also a significant factor. If you are looking at dumbbells made in the U.S, they will be costly for you. You do not need to spend your money on costly dumbbells, as you can also purchase cheap dumbbells. In case you purchase cheap dumbbells, then use them carefully and wash your hands after each workout.

Now, it all depends upon you that what type of dumbbells you want or prefer. You may purchase brand new dumbbells or also can purchase second-hand cheap dumbbells according to your ease.

How Dumbbells Work Better Than a Machine?

Many people are now health conscious and doing their workout with some cheap dumbbells. A dumbbell is used for weight training and consists of a piece of equipment. It includes in free weight type. You may use it individually or also in pairs.

If you want to turn the fatty areas of your body into muscular, then you should work out with dumbbells. We shall not refer you for a barbell because it is ineffective as dumbbells and requires both hand grips, while a dumbbell needs one.

In the compression of dumbbells and barbells, you will notice the vital difference like dumbbells provide you a maximum range of movement for the muscles, bones, and joints while a machine or barbell cannot do this. With the help of dumbbells, you’ll be able to get a workout for your full body.

Cheap Dumbbells:

Your exercise progress is equal to your strength gain, and you’ll need to increase your workout. So, whenever you buy dumbbells, you must buy second-hand dumbbells set, which has various weights from five pounds to fifty pounds.

In this way, you’ll find maximum better dumbbells at minimum cost, and you also have a choice after purchasing a set that you can add on and take off the weights as per your wish. You have also saved space for your dumbbells at your home.

One more important factor about purchasing inexpensive dumbbells is finding a good look at the grips because, in this way, you may find heavier weights. Search out the dumbbells, which have gels and padded grips. These grips will help you from slipping hands and provide security from injury.

Two things are noticeable here. One is to purchase hexagonal ends dumbbells because they would not roll away and stay where you place them. The second is that you have to purchase a rack for storing your dumbbells after a workout.

Sources of Cheap Dumbbells:

Sure, you can have a second-hand set of cheap dumbbells. It is not necessary to purchase brand-new dumbbells because there is no fear of wear or tear. So, the question is how we can find subjected dumbbells and, which are the sources? For getting the answer, have a look:

Goodwill and other thrift stores:

You’ll have to find a thrift store in your town because you may find dumbbells, old exercise bikes, etc. So, go there and ask to make you a call whenever a shopkeeper got low-priced dumbbells in his stock.


Craigslist.com and many others provide you an opportunity in the wanted section to advertise for free. It might be possible, someone is waiting to clean out the upper floor once, and you get your desired cheap dumbbells, what you want in free.

Make Your Own:

Above all, you can also make your own dumbbell most cheaply. To acquire this purpose, you have to do a bit of hard work. Collect two plastic jugs, which have suitable grips. Now fill these jugs with sand for lighter weight, and if you want to increase the weight, fill both of them with concrete.

The precautionary tip is that try to match the size of jugs and material. By doing so, you will be able to make your own dumbbell which can be very affordable even compared with the cheap dumbbells available on the market.

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