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Top Ways To Teach Fun & Easy Netball Drills

Netball Drills That Create A Sense Of Winning & Achievement!

So your child’s netball season has just finished. You loved the fact that they are involved in such a fun, social sport, but it was a terrible season result-wise and another one like it will seriously affect their morale?

netball game
netball game

It can be heartbreaking and unenjoyable when they’re not winning, when the team struggles with learning and gaining the basic skill set and confidence to play well and enjoy what they are doing.

We’ve come across an exciting set of netball drills that are not only enjoyable, but increase the skill levels of those keen to give it a go.

How These Netball Drills Will Retain Interest

As a parent it can be heartbreaking seeing your child not achieve at sport. It can be easy going from sport to sport, in the hope they will find something they are good at, but this can be even more counter productive.

Netball is and should be an enjoyable, social sport that everyone can partake in, especially girls, where it is one of the most participated sports. Netball is a team sport that is healthy and fit and should be perservered with.

Practicing and learning netball drills should be fun first and foremost and if done regularly will greatly enhance their skills levels as well.

Netball Drills Don’t Have to Take Up All Your Time

The word ‘drills’ sometimes has a negative conotation, one of a military-like regime in which participants are told not to quit. Netball drills don’t have to be like this! We keep talking about the theme of enjoyment, and drills should always be focussed on this.

Just a small dedication of time per day is required, invest in a good quality ball and hoop and go for it! Even as little as ten minutes a day is healthy, and after an unsuccessful season will hopefully reignite that spark again.

What Type Of Netball Drills Are Best?

The enjoyable ones!

Ask your child what they like best about the sport, and focus on that to get the enjoyment levels up again. Participate with them and be encouraging. Whether that be throwing the ball around with a catch and pass drill, or a shooting drill, there are many effective drills that can achieve the desired goal.

We have come across a fantastic resource that can help, developed by parents just like you they have put together a system which has shown proven results and been widely regarded by those that have used it.

Basic Netball Passing Drills That Can Enhance Skill Levels

In Netball, good passing abilities are a fundamental skill of the game. Like with every sport, coaches have a set of drills to assist in the development of their players. Sure Netball is about getting goals, but you can’t get a goal without getting the ball to one of the shooters. How does the ball get to the shooters? That’s right, through the humble pass!

All Netball teams should have a good set of passing drills that then makes the skill of passing second nature. The more you practice, the more skillful you will get, and as a team, the more successful you will be on court.

Types of Netball Passing

There are a number of different types of passes for different situations in netball. But for a beginner, netball passing drills should start with basic standard passing and bounce passing. Netballers first question in their mind when they receive the ball during a game will be ‘who should I pass it to?’, the next will be ‘what sort of pass should I use?’.

Netball players will, throughout their development gain a feel for the type of pass to use. Basic netball passing drills for beginners should first and foremost focus on the coordination of making and receiving a pass. A child being comfortable with this is the first fundamental for passing and ensuring enjoyment for the sport.

How Often Should Netball Passing Drills Be Taught?

There is no single answer for this as all players develop this skill after different periods of time. However, being a fundamental skill of the game it doesn’t hurt to regularly throw a ball around in a passing drill so long as you make it enjoyable for your child. Invest in a good quality ball and find a good spot in the back yard to practice.

If you feel like your child is not getting the adequate training at team practice then complement this by practicing netball passing drills in your own time. The drills don’t need to be run to military like precision(!), all you really need is a ball and a few people and you are set to go!

Where Can I Find Netball Passing Drills?

If you are a parent, spend some time watching your child’s training session one day. Pick up some basic drills that are being taught by the coach and encourange your child to practice a few times a week at home. Make it enjoyable and participate with them. Even speak with the coach to get their opinion on the most effective and enjoyable passing drills.

Netball Warm-up Drills – A Winning Blueprint

Effective Netball Warm-up Drills to Get Those Muscles Working!

Like with every sport or physical activity, learning to warm-up for a netball game is one of the key fundamentals. But what are the most effective netball warm-up drills for children who just want to get in there and play straight away?

Educating children about the importance of warming up is an all important aspect of netball or any other form of sport or physical activity undertaken, so how can you turn a warm-up from being boring pre-cursor to a fun part of the game?

Netball Warm-up Drills Help Avoid Injury

Of course this is a hard sell to children, why would they worry about injury, they are indestructable aren’t they?! The key to the underlying factor of injury is to try and make this as fun as possible, and a regular part of the lead-in to the match itself. Now we aren’t claiming to be sports scientists, but netball warm-up drills are designed to do exactly that – warm-up your muscles and prepare them for what they’re about to do.

At a beginner childs age, the goal of this is to ensure this is all part of routine for the years of netball ahead.

What Type of Netball Warm-up Drills Are Useful?

We’ve all been there. It’s a freezing cold morning, it was a struggle getting out of bed and making breakfast let alone thinking about heading outside for a netball game. Really, any drill that gets the muscles working and warmed-up are useful!

Don’t go too hard though, you don’t want to tire them out for the game. Start with a lap or two around the court (just a light jog will do). Time to warm those hands up with a few basic passing and shooting drills. Showing enthusiasm for the warm-up will go a long way!

Using drills that the team has enjoyed during the week as warm-up drills are a good idea.

Stretch! Stretching is a non-netball specific skill that should always be used before a game, and if you don’t have access to a court pre-game then stretching at a minimum should always be done.

Secrets To Teaching Top Netball Coaching Drills

Learn Fun and Easy Netball Coaching Drills

Do you want your child to participate in a sport that is fun, easy and social? Then Netball is the sport for them! More and more children are taking up netball as a fun but competitive sport due to the increased exposure netball now receives. It is something your child can get much enjoyment out of, so why not teach them some basic coaching drills?

Netball is a wonderful team-based sport that encourages skill, but is enjoyable for the players and easy to follow for spectators. It is a sport anyone can pick up and one that can be easily advanced with only a small amount of practice.

Netball Coaching Drills – Can These Be Fun?

Scared that netball coaching drills might be too boring for your child? Don’t worry, playing and learning netball with their friends will be like playing in the back yard! No one needs any previous netball experience to play. In addition to learning new skills, children also learn about enjoyment and getting fit at the same time.

Why Everyone Should Learn Netball

Netball is an enjoyable, fun, social sport, yet it is skillful and competitive at the same time. Not only is it fun to play, but netball is a fun sport to watch as well.

The sport of netball has been around for well over one hundred years, and is one of the most popular womens team sports in the world. A knowledge of netball is more than useful so you can show an interest in your childrens wellbeing, watch with interest that big game on TV, or ensure you are the star player in your works next corporate games outing!

How To Learn Netball Drills

As parents, you can learn netball drills by watching your children train with their team, and provide encouragement by having them practice at home. Alternatively you can contact your local netball club and see what resources they have on hand.

Netball is portrayed as a sport for the skillful, but with plenty of practice and a good dose of fun anyone can play! Coaching drills can help make playing netball fun and easy to master.

How To Run Fast & Effective Netball Skills & Drills

Fun and Enjoyable Netball Skills & Drills You Can Use Anywhere!

So you are a netball-loving parent that has just registered your child for a netball team for the season. But you’re worried because this is their first time playing. Will they be the unco-ordinated one that no-one wants to pass the ball to or will they be the star of the team?

Not that you should ever push your child to want to be the star of the team, but you at least want them to be able to enjoy themselves by positively contributing to the team right? Now you can implement some basic netball skills and drills to help them.

How To Teach Netball Skills & Drills?

Whilst you don’t want to overdo things and potentially take the enjoyment out of netball, you want to ensure regular practice of netball skills and drills is undertaken. Practicing only a few drills each day will go a long way towards refining their skill set and overall enjoyment.

There are a number different netballing aspects that you can concentrate on: passing, court vision, shooting and defending are all important things that can be learnt from some basic netball drills. You should focus your attention to these skills initially.

Are Any Netball Skills & Drills More Important Than The Other?

The answer to this question often depends on the current skill level of your child. But for the purposes of this we will focus on the beginner netballer. The most important netball skill is that of enjoyment!

However like with many sports there is often a single particular skill used more often than not, and that is a fundamental skill to acquire. In netball, that skill is passing. Without a solid passing game players will most likely struggle with netball. Most drills at a beginner level will focus on this particular skill of passing.

Shooting will also be a skill that children will be eager to master, given the ultimate goal of the game is to score goals. Things such as court vision will develop the longer your child participates in netball. Experience is everything!

Where To Find Netball Skills & Drills

There’s nothing like watching the athletes themselves perform to make you realise how skillful they are. As they say, practice makes perfect and you should look no further than the coaching your child is already receiving. There’s no point reinventing the wheel, so observe your child at training and see what drills they really enjoy and replicate them at home.

Many resources exist and you can often find these at your local club, you can also find many great netballing resources right here online.

Discover Fast and Easy Netball Drills for Children

Implementing regular netball drills for children can turn them into the next netball star!

The sport of netball is beginning to invade homes with the advent of competitions such as the ANZ Championship, the Fastnet World Netball Series and the exposure it gains during the likes of the Commonwealth Games.

As such more children (especially girls) are becoming increasingly attracted to the sport.

So if you have an interested child, how can you encourage them further by way of some valuable, fun netball drills?

Kids Netball Drills: The Basics

By learning the basics, children will likely perform well on the court, and as a result have fun, enjoy themselves and importantly, have their confidence increased.

Netball drills can help them achieve all of this. it doesn’t have to be a chore, or take up too much time, even just 10 minutes a day will do a world of good.

By teaching just the basic skills such as passing and shooting through effective netball drills, you may be surprised as to how quickly their skills develop and their game and confidence grows.

Where to find Netball Drills for Children

We have been impressed with the ‘Netball Star’ system, which is an exclusive set of training manuals targetted at children between the ages of 6-10 years old.

Developed by a netball parent, this great resource covers touches on many of the key fundamentals including basic training drills, a crash course on the rules of netball and other handy training and warm-up methods.

The beauty of this resource is that it is written by parents for parents, and is laid out in an easy to understand, well prepared manner. We are sure you will discover the benefits of this in only a short matter of time.

Top Netball Drills and Techniques For Children

Netball Drills are a fantastic and fun way of teaching children the fundamental basics of Netball. Netball practice drills are a great way to refine your child’s skills and enhance their enjoyment of the sport of netball.

Practising netball skills each day can fine tune their netball ability. If you take the time to help them practice, you will see a change in their game, attitude and overall enjoyment.

Netball Coaching Drills as a team or individual?

Many people believe that practising as a team is the best way to about netball drills. Either that or you can encourage your child’s friends to practice as well. All you really need is a good quality ball and hoop and away you go.

Practicing alone with your child is also a very valid option. Consider doing your own research online to find some common netball drills. There are also many publications available which will illustrate numerous drills, often written and published by the sports national body.

Regular Netball Drill Practice is Advised!

Whichever method you select, so long as the practice is regular it will be effective. Practicing netball drills at least a couple of times a week will keep their skills sharp, and have them ready and eager each weekend come game time.

Provide as much encouragement as possible to your child, and most importantly, have fun while you do it. Netball drills shouldn’t be a chore and they provide the perfect opportunity to show interest in their sport.

If you choose to implement regular practice through drills, you will see a noticeable difference in skill level over time.

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