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Carlton Badminton Racquets

Carlton badminton racquets have been around for a long time now. They are badminton specialists, so they only deal in badminton, strangely enough! I guess the marketing angle of this is that it makes you feel they know what they are doing. Do they know what they are doing? Yes, they do because their racquets have a good reputation, especially in the UK.

Carlton Badminton Racket
Carlton Badminton Racket

History of Carlton Company

The Carlton company was founded in 1946. It is one of the oldest badminton brands in the UK. Carlton has been engaged in the manufacture of badminton racquets for nearly 70 years. It is one of the world’s major badminton racquets and shuttlecocks manufacturers.

The company ranks number in the world in terms of the sales of plastic shuttlecocks. Science, technology, and research & development are among the best in the world.

Birthplace of Badminton

Carlton is based in the United Kingdom, which is the birthplace of badminton. In 1893, the world’s first badminton association, the British Badminton Association, was established, and in 1899 the All-England Badminton Championships were held.

In 1878, the United Kingdom appointed a more perfect and unified rule, and many of the rules had not changed much until now.

Established Carlton Sports in 1946

The Carlton Sports company was established in 1946.

Since its inception, Carlton has continued to introduce several revolutionary and innovative badminton products. They include the world’s first artificial shuttlecock, the first true all-round full carbon racquet, etc.

Subsequently, the first truly amazing badminton racquet in the history of badminton was born in Carlton. The racquet is made from metal. It broke the traditional made of badminton racquets which used softwood and stringed racquet. Such innovation makes the company progress well in the industry.

In 1980, the first full-carbon racquet was being produced; and the adjustable system between the racquet and the handle was designed for the first time. It was widely promoted in the context of the globalization of badminton.

Its leading global expertise and strong image of the Carlton brand have consolidated the European and American markets and created a true badminton empire.

The 3.7s Airblade, the world-famous Carlton badminton racquet of the 1980s, made Carlton the leader of the global badminton brand.

Carlton has created professional badminton racquets for some international professional players. He has become the darling of some professional players in Asia as the brand still receives a warm welcome from Asia countries.

Different Series of Carlton Badminton Racquets

There are many different series of racquets released by the company. The most popular ones are Fireblade, Aeroblade, Vapour, Heritage, Razor, Kinesis, Iso Extreme series, and many more.


This series of racquets are featured with the classic head shape. The Fireblade is ideal for intermediate or advanced badminton players. The flexible shaft can assist players in playing a precise game when they try to add power to their stroke.

The racquet is built with macro-molecular technology, which is known as Nanopulse Construction Technology. The technology is the trademark of Carlton. During producing the racquet, there is a unique nano resin that binds all the carbon fibers together.


This series is the perfect choice for beginners looking for a bigger sweet spot that can offer them more power and accuracy, even on off-center hits.

The Aeroblade racquet has an evenly balanced frame and is strung with nylon string. Such a design can give players great durability.

The racquet is also featured with a graphite shaft and is fitted with a Pro grip.


This series has fantastic maneuverability making it a good choice for badminton players who love to play a defensive game. The Optometric head shape and Bi-Axial Dynamics construction of the racquet make it possible to provide the necessary power needed by a player.

The Vapour racquets can offer players a great combination of speed, control, and power for all-round play.


Heritage series is a lightweight racquet that being introduced by Carlton. With innovative frame aerodynamic, the Carlton Heritage series is unique in its category. It is an even balanced racquet that is perfect for both attack and defense.


By shifting the balance point, the Razor series racquet is head-heavy, and the racquet shaft is stiffening up.  This is well-suited for the player who loves to play offensively.


This series of racquets are featured an even balance and headlight balance. The superb power of micro grommets tungsten infused to maximize power transfer and contact time.

The Kinesis series of racquets have been constructed with a 90 degrees twist to reduce aerodynamic drag. Such a design has greatly improved maneuverability and head speed.

Iso Extreme

This series of racquets have an Isometric head shape. Such a head design can give players more sweet spots and maximum power.

The Iso Extreme racquet is head heavy with a medium flex shaft. It is featured with airspeed where the shuttlecock can move to the air quickly enough when you hit the shuttle. It is constructed with Vectran fibers that can help to increase energy return for a great racket whip.

My All-Time Favorite Model

I have used Carlton racquets in the past, and one of my all-time favorite models is the Airblade Tour, which I still use even now. I have a few of them, and they seem to suit my style of play, and the huge bonus is that I can pick one up for around £30.

This is a low price for a quality racquet in my eyes. Yes, there have been problems with them along the way, and the most common problem with Carlton is that the support cap always seems to come away from the top of the handle where it meets the shaft.

The solution is to glue it back on with some heavy-duty glue and then add some tape over that to keep it in place. Of course, this should not happen in the first place, but every manufacturer has its own little weaknesses, and you only find these out when you use them.

Different Ranges of Carlton Racquets

There are many different ranges in the Carlton lineup, and they do tend to change these quite often, so there are literally hundreds of Carlton racquets on the market at any given time. Different marketing in various countries means that the same racquet is sometimes called by a different name, but is still basically the same racquet underneath, just different paint on the frame.

Carlton’s success is based on their reputation and the fact that they have been on the badminton scene for a long time. The competition is fierce now, and they have to raise the bar every time they launch a new range to compete with the likes of Yonex.

I like Carlton because they have their own unique technology, and they don’t try to copy anybody else. They also sponsor some top-level players who help to bring awareness to the brand.

The prices for the new ranges are quite high, and you can expect to pay around £100 for the latest racquets. The bonus for us players is that they seem to lose their price fairly quickly, so, within the space of 12 months, you will typically find big discounts on the very same racquet that cost £100 before.

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