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How To Get A Quality Outdoor Ping Pong Table

After a tiring day, a game of table tennis is a way to release the tension from work, school, or any stressful activities. It can also provide you with all the entertainment you need to make your day truly fun. Any indoor or outdoor ping pong table can be all that you need.

outdoor ping pong table

If you are a person who is serious about the sport or want to be at the professional level, owning an outdoor table tennis table will help you to be more fit while enjoying the sunshine. Entertain your guest or neighbors with the peaceful sun outside.

To make sure purchase can be considered an investment. There are several tips you must remember.

4 Types of Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

Generally, outdoor ping pong tables can be divided into four types:

Single-fold mobile ping pong table: It only needs one person to move and join the table together. The combined table needs to be aligned with the edge of the table.

Double-fold mobile ping pong table: The combined table does not need to be aligned with the table’s edge, but two people are required to fold it! Both of these two tables are composed of half tables that two halves can separate. The difference between double-fold and single-fold is that there is an extra link device in the center!

Single-fold fixed ping pong table: The table is single-fold. It is not convenient to move, and it is generally used for stationary or outdoor occasions!

Double-fold fixed ping pong table: The table is double-fold. It is not convenient to move, and it is generally used for stationary or outdoor occasions!

Single-fold vs. Double-fold

The advantage of the single folding table is that one person can easily fold it because the two-halve of the table can be separated. The disadvantage is that you need to align the sideline of the table when recombining the table.

The advantage of the double-folding table is that it can be used immediately and does not need to be aligned with the sideline of the table. The disadvantage is that because there is a connecting device between the two halves of the tables, the tables cannot be wholly separated, requiring two people to fold them.

Go For Quality instead of Focus On Cost

There are different types of tables sold in the market. In selecting the right kind of table tennis table, you must consider the quality of the table you will buy. It may be so that the table does not cost too much, but you have to replace it every time.

Doing so will be much expensive after you add up all the costs of the tables you have bought. Another is, using low-quality equipment will affect how your game will turn out to be.

If you plan to enter competitions and your table is not fit to be used in those games, buying it and practicing will become useless.

Most of the outdoor tables are made of aluminum. The most important regarding tables is that they can stand the moisture and other elements present in the surrounding.

Simply put, the most significant difference between indoor and outdoor ping pong tables is the material. Outdoors tables need to withstand different weather conditions. So it needs to build with solid material.

Generally, an outdoor ping pong table is made of SMC board, steel plate, glass steel plate, or marble board. These types of materials tend to be more durable.

You cannot build the table with compressed and wood boards, which will not last long.

Check Its Thickness

You need to check on the thickness of the ping pong table if you are serious about playing the game. If you want to improve your playing skill, you will want to make your game near what’s happening in competitions. There are specific standards applied to it. Your level of play becomes more realistic if you use this kind of table.

The height of the ball’s bounce depends on the materials used to make the table and how thick it is. Tabletops are usually ¾ to 7/8 of an inch thick. Preferring a table with this specification can help you achieve the quality of game you want to have.

Training to become a great table tennis player relies not only on practice but also on the kind of equipment you use. Using outdoor ping pong tables that can provide you with a more realistic game helps improve yourself now.

Quality Inspection

It would help if you got a quality table at a reasonable price to enjoy playing the ping pong game. A mediocre table will not only spoil your fun of playing the game, but it also can break down quickly, which may be a waste of your money.

Therefore, you need to determine whether the manufacturer is a reliable and popular brand before buying the table because the price can vary a lot for ping pong tables. The difference lies in the quality of the raw materials used by the manufacturers when producing the tables.

Reputable ping pong table manufacturers will have a quality inspection department, and they need to pass strict quality inspections before releasing the product to the market.

If you make an order, after receiving the package from the manufacturer, you should first check whether the package is intact and free from scratches.

After installation, first, check whether the tabletop is in good condition and check is there any scratch on the surface.

With these simple steps, you can know whether the ping pong table meets the standard requirement:

  1. Check the bounce quality of the table. Use a 3-star ping pong ball to drop from a height of 300 mm. The rebound height should be between 220 and 250 mm. The difference between the maximum height and the minimum height should not be greater than 5 mm.
  2. Check the shape of the table to see if the geometric dimensions meet the requirements, and the surface of the table should not be too bright.
  3. Check the stability and safety. Add 30 kg (about a bucket of water) to one end of the table. Weight). The movement generated by the end of the table should not exceed 7 mm.

By doing your due diligence and carrying some detailed inspections, you will be able to get an outdoor ping pong table that you can play for a very long time.

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