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How to Choose Your Ping Pong Table and Save Money

Prior for you to buy a table tennis table, you should know how to choose one that best suit your needs.

Basically, there are 2 major aspects you need to take into consideration when picking the table. They include the maker of the table and the quality of the table.

buying table tennis table

After considering the above-mentioned factors, you should ask yourself these four simple questions which are; what size of the table do you need? Do you have available space in your house for the table? What is your budget (cost)? And what purpose do you need the table for?

Now let’s consider these questions one after the other.

What Table Tennis Table Size Do You Need?

The size of the ping pong table is very important because you can find many table tennis tables of different sizes available in the market. They include mini, compact, and full-sized table tennis tables.

There are also floating table tennis tables that are used inside the swimming pool and conversion tops. Now the size of the table you choose will depend on your answer to the next question.

Do You Have Available Space For The Ping Pong Table?

What kind of space do you have for the ping pong table at home? If you have enough space at home you can buy a full-sized table, but if you don’t have enough space at home, it would be better for you to buy a compact or mini table.

However, if you have available space outside the house you can buy an outdoor table. Most indoor tables come with rollaway wheels and can also be used for outdoor games.

How Much Are You Prepare To Spend?

There are different reasons for you to buy a ping pong table. You may just need it for leisure, with you and your family having fun playing ping pong once in a while.

You may want to buy a ping pong table for your kids to learn how to play the game. You may need a ping pong table for you to practice at home and develop your skills.

If you are buying for your family or your kids to have fun, I will recommend a compact or mini table, but if you need a table to practice and develop your skills you will need a standard or full-sized table.

Indoor and Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

There are different types of tables that are available in the market, table tennis is mostly played indoors especially in competitions but it can also be played outdoors too.

Before you think about buying any outdoor table tennis tables, you must consider the weather.

One big disadvantage of the outdoor table is the weather because the weather can affect the movement of the table tennis ball and when it rains the table will become wet and this will affect the bounce of the ball.

If you need a table that you want to leave outside permanently you will need to buy a table that has been specifically designed for outdoor table tennis.

Outdoor tables come with a weatherproof top surface, steel undercarriage, steel net, and post. The most durable outdoor table is the concrete table tennis table.

So unless you need to buy an outdoor table tennis table, maybe because you do not have enough space for an indoor table or you want it to be put outside for recreational purposes like in the park or behind your house; my advice will be for you to buy an indoor ping pong table.

An indoor table tennis table has a better playing surface which can also be used outdoors but returned indoors after use.

Know The Answers to Your Questions

If you can answer these questions correctly and sincerely, I am very sure you will be able to know how to choose your ping pong table and also save money in the process.

As a beginner, you don’t need to spend more than $250 for your first ping pong table, but if you are very serious about improving your game and play in the official tournament you will need a more expensive and quality table similar to what is used in official table tennis tournaments.

You can buy discount table tennis tables online and save money. Most online stores have free shipping and discount sales. You can also find used table tennis tables online for a cheaper price.

Where To Find Discount Table Tennis Tables?

If you are looking to get a discount on table tennis tables and you can spend some time doing a little research, there is no reason why you shouldn’t find yourself something selling at suitably priced. So how do you go about doing this?

You can actually get these products which can be less expensive by searching on different online shopping portals. So if you are looking for discount table tennis tables, you should spare some time for you to do your own searching in these places.

Know The Cost

Well, the first thing you need to do is you need to start by getting a good idea as to how much one of these tables is going to cost. Take your consideration of the criteria and specification that you want is a good idea to shortlist your choice.

Once you have done this you can then spend some time searching online to get an idea of the cost and price of different brands of tables. You need to check online for more sites that sell these products and do your own price comparison.

Some shopping sites may not have inventory or warehouses to store their products which they can sell the products at discounted prices since they can save the cost compared to those that have a brick-and-mortar shop. The cost of maintaining a warehouse and inventory is what makes prices get more pricey.

Once you have done this you will then have a specific idea as to how much the table is likely to cost you. Doing this will enable you to know what a discounted ping pong table might be and from there you can try to find some tables that really offer you competitive prices.

Again, continue to search online and try to identify discount table tennis tables that offer you the best value for money, while maintaining high quality.

Sourcing from Your Local Sport Outlets

It may also be prudent for you to search around offline as well. You can do this by going to your local sports equipment outlet and asking if they have any suitable options and stock. They may also run sales at some point during the year, which will allow you to find some tables at cheaper prices.

Consider of Used Table Tennis Tables

Second-hand options are also available and as long as they are not too badly damaged or worn, there is a reason why these should be suitable for you. Start looking around and garage sales, car boot sales, and in the local classifieds. By doing this you should identify some decent options. Discounted ping pong tables are not really hard to find after all.

Generally, finding discount table tennis tables is not as difficult as compared to last time. Right now you can simply go online to search for the specific product and you will get spoiled by a whole lot of options and selections.

Among the biggest online sites that you can search for a lot of discounted tables would be Amazon and eBay. While for brick-and-mortar outlets, you can always go to visit Walmart or Sears. Spend a bit of time browsing through the various listings and you should find a discount table tennis table that would suit your needs and budget.

There are a lot of tables that you can get at bargain prices. You can do your search for various table tennis table prices and get the one that you want.

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