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Knowing the Standard Badminton Net and Pole For Tournament

Dimensions of Common Badminton Nets

All badminton nets used in standard play should have the same dimensions. A badminton net needs to have a depth of 2 feet, 6 inches. When strung from the posts on the courtside, the top edge of each net side is 5 feet, 1 inch off the ground.

The middle of the top edge of the net is 5 feet off the ground. The badminton net also needs to stretch all the way across the court. This means it is 16 and a half feet long, or 5.1 meters long. The thickness of the net is somewhere between 0.5 and 0.8 inches.

badminton net dimension
badminton net dimension

A regulation-size net with standard dimensions allows badminton players to practice their skills on a net the same as what professional players use. It can also help make the game fair for all players.

The Dimensions of Different Levels of Badminton Nets

A typical badminton net measures 5 feet 1 inch on the ends of the net and 5 feet tall in the center. The width of a badminton net spans just longer than the 20 feet needed to cover the width of the badminton court. The singles sideline is 1.5 feet from the edge of the outer boundary, so the width of a singles court is 17 feet.

The net should contain a mesh between 15 mm and 20 mm. The top of the net is edged with a white cloth of 75 mm. No gaps should exist between the ends of the net and the posts.

The badminton net should have a width of approximately 20 feet so that it may cover the court. It should have 5 feet to 5-feet 1-inch height at different areas of the net at standard heights. Knowing the dimensions of a badminton net helps you set up the court properly when it is time to play.

Professional Badminton Nets

Professional badminton nets are high-quality nets made for indoor and outdoor competitions and are used by high schools, colleges, and other official leagues. All professional nets must meet specific standards for competitive tournament play and measure 21 feet by 3 feet.

Other features include poly rope cable, heavy-duty vinyl headbands, and vinyl-coated nylon side tapes and bottom. Outdoor nets are constructed of durable materials such as weather-treated nylon. Both durability and strength are paramount when selecting the right net for official play. Browse professional badminton nets and find the one that is perfect for your league.

How to Set Up a Badminton Net

Badminton provides hours of fun for both adults and children. The game is similar to tennis – except for the racket size and a shuttlecock instead of a ball. Have fun learning how to set up a badminton net with these simple steps.

First: The hardware

Assemble the badminton poles for your net. A typical style features two pieces of aluminum that are pushed together to form each pole. Tie your badminton net to the aluminum poles at the areas indicated on either end. Usually, these tie with a loop or eyebolt.

Second: The stake

Secure the first pole into the ground with stakes using guy wires for support. Pull the badminton net taut to see where you need to place the second pole. Make sure to measure your net; it should be around 5 feet high in the middle and approximately 5 feet above the metal poles.

Third: The boundaries

Lay the boundaries for play, and mark them with flagging tape, rope, chalk, or spray paint. There are different measurements for singles play and doubles play. A singles court is 44 by 17 feet; a doubles court is 44 by 20 feet.

Fourth: The lines

Mark your long, short, and center service lines; these run parallel to the badminton net. The short line is 6 feet, 6 inches from the net, and the long line is 2 feet, 6 inches from the line at the back. Mark these lines on both sides of the court. Mark a centerline down the middle of the court in the service area perpendicular to the net.

Indoor Badminton Nets

Indoor badminton nets are designed for an indoor court, the preferred surface for serious badminton players who wish to eliminate the effects of wind on the shuttlecock. Even casual players enjoy indoor badminton, which is set up easily with a portable indoor net.

The main difference between an indoor net and an outdoor net is that indoor nets do not need guy wires or other accessories to stabilize them, as they do not need to be planted in grass or soil. The supports typically feature a weighted T-bar mechanism to maintain stability, allowing setup on any surface level.

Outdoor Badminton Nets

For backyard fun, outdoor badminton nets and sets are a recipe for pure enjoyment. Get in the swing with an old game that has never gone out of style. Portable outdoor nets for recreational players offer an affordable way to play a fast-paced court sport.

Buy an extra or replacement badminton net for your outdoor court, or choose a complete set with poles, stakes, and stands. Heavy-duty nets from top makers like MacGregor, Spalding, and Champro are the best investment for many seasons of competitive play to keep you active and energized.

Portable Badminton Nets

If you’re a fan of the classic game of badminton and want to play it on the go, the time is right to invest in portable badminton nets. Unlike traditional outdoor badminton nets that are staked in the ground, these nets are designed to be uprooted and moved easily without sacrificing stability.

Comprised of two posts, a net, and weights or anchors to keep the net upright, these portable systems are remarkably inexpensive compared to traditional badminton sets.

Badminton Poles

If you are getting ready for outdoor summer fun, don’t forget to pick up some badminton posts. Posts are an essential element of professional badminton nets, and the difference a good set makes to your game is astounding. The badminton posts are the twin verticals that hold the net steady and taut, providing a barrier over which players volley the shuttlecock. Investing in quality posts ensures that your badminton set is going to last for many summers to come.

Some Brands You Can Consider Buying

Spalding Badminton Nets

For affordable quality in sporting goods, choose Spalding badminton nets and gear. Trust Spalding to supply durable equipment for every skill and competition level, from the playground to the tournament.

Select regulation-size Spalding badminton nets that measure 20 feet in length by 3 feet in height for serious and everyday play, or choose inexpensive portable badminton set for a friendly backyard game. Let the top name in sports equipment outfit your next badminton match.

Park Badminton Nets

Park badminton nets are a perfect fit for recreational players. Park badminton nets typically measure 20 to 22 feet in length by 3 feet in height, with square mesh measuring 3/4 of an inch. Nylon netting in knotted or knotless construction is standard, with thicknesses from medium-weight to heavy-duty.

Look for reinforced stitching, durable bands, and cables along the net perimeter to ensure years of use from your Park badminton nets. Choose from several affordable models available from the fine brand of Park & Sun. Whether your game requires tournament nets or backyard models, you are sure to find the right one from the wide selection of Park badminton equipment.

Gared Badminton Nets

Gared badminton nets are perfect for this fun, competitive game. Gared sells both portable sets and permanent indoor badminton nets. Their nets are constructed of 7/8 inch square mesh and 9-ply nylon in a knotless design.

Gared badminton nets feature a 3.5 mm twisted nylon top cord and double-reinforced nylon headband with vinyl-coating – with an overall measurement of 21 feet in length by 2 feet 6 inches in height. Gared badminton nets are available separately or as part of a set, including uprights, sleeves, covers, and rubber casters.

Collegiate Badminton Nets

For competitive games and regulation play, choose collegiate badminton nets. Look for durable features that withstand rigorous use, like knotless nylon mesh and reinforced canvas or tarpaulin bands at the top, bottom, and ends of the net.

For the best quality, opt for badminton nets from top makers like MacGregor and Champion. Competition on the court gets fierce, and your equipment has to hold up to the pressure. Get the best collegiate badminton nets and badminton gear.

Champro Badminton Nets

Champro badminton nets are geared for players at every level of the game. From recreational nets suitable for backyard play to collegiate nets for competition, Champro has you covered. While they offer their high-quality nets at all price ranges, their top models are affordable enough to leave room to buy the rest of your badminton gear.

As you shop for a badminton net, make sure to consider your court as well as your skill level. Nylon thickness depends on the net, with thicker nylon used in nets made for more serious courts. If you are looking for a top-of-the-line net to meet all of your playing needs, check out Champro badminton nets.

Champion Badminton Nets

Champion badminton nets are perfect for every level of play, with styles ranging from playground models to tournament quality nets. Standard nets from Champion measure 21 feet in height by 3 feet in width with an inch of mesh in a square pattern. Features include a 12-ply nylon net, a top net band, and a nylon rope cable.

Professional nets like the T2 from Champion offer added durability in a 42-foot net. Look for double-reinforced bands, multiple rows of heavy-duty nylon stitched, and vinyl-covered steel cables for the longest-lasting quality. When it comes to badminton gear, Champion gives you complete coverage.

Cannon Badminton Nets

Cannon badminton nets are constructed of high-quality nylon to ensure long-lasting durability. The nets are created with the same fine detail used in the Cannon tennis nets, including the nylon binding and twisted fabric for added strength. Cannon nets are so durable that they come with the CSI Cannon guarantee for quality.

In addition to their high quality, Cannon nets are also quite affordable compared to the competition. Once you have chosen the right Cannon net, the next step is to purchase a good set of shuttlecocks. A Cannon net can provide years of family fun with equipment in hand and a solid base to create your home badminton court.

Preventing Mold and Decay on Badminton Nets

A major way to prevent mold and decay on badminton nets is to keep the net from accumulating moisture, even when put away for different seasons of the year. Because mold grows where moisture is let in, it is important to store the badminton net in a dry and cool place with a secure cover or wrapping on the net to keep moisture locked out during the storage period.

For those who store their badminton nets for extended periods of time, vacuuming the net every once in a while is recommended to keep mold from growing on dry areas of the net.

Preventing mold and decay on badminton nets does not require much maintenance, only a little preparation before storing the net for future use. With the proper preparation, badminton lovers can use the net repeatedly for years without mold or damage from decay.

The quick answer to your questions related to badminton nets.

How many holes are there in a badminton net?

You can find 5063 holes on an international standard badminton net. If you want to make sure yourself, next time when you are in a badminton court, you can do counting to see if it is correct or not.

How tall is the badminton pole?

The average height of the badminton pole is 1.55 meters or equivalent to 5 feet 1 inch tall.

How long is a badminton net?

The width of the badminton court is 20 feet. Thus the width of the badminton net needs to cover the entire court, which means the net needs to be at least 20 feet to cover the court fully.

What is a badminton net made out of?

You can find different materials that are being used to make the badminton nets. Most of the badminton nets that you can find are made from nylon, vinyl, and polyethylene.

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