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Different Table Tennis Table Dimensions

If you are interested in knowing about the official and standard table tennis table dimensions, you may read through this and get a good understanding.

The table tennis table is one of the major pieces of equipment used in table tennis. There are different table tennis table dimensions and specifications.

Different tables being categorized into full-sized, midsize, mini or compact tables, and conversion top. The difference between them is, as the name suggested, the size or dimension of the table.

The Standard Dimensions of a Full-Size Table Tennis Table

According to ITTF rules of table tennis, the standard table dimension must be 9 feet(length) x 5 feet(width) x 2 feet 5 inches(height) or 2.74m (length) x 1.525m(width) x 76cm(height). While the net need to carry a height of 15.25cm or 6 inches measure from the table surface. This includes either indoor or outdoor tables.

The official table tennis table dimensions are meant to provide the user of the table with a safer playing ground that is the table, also provides for normal, predictable, and regular bounces hence ensuring the smoothness of the game.

The standard table tennis tables measurements keep the game fair and playable evenly throughout the world so that everyone knows the table they’re going to be playing on is the same as the one they’ll play on wherever they go.

The below picture illustrates the measurement of the standard full-size table tennis table.

fullsized table tennis table dimensions

You can refer to the table below to know the full-size table tennis table dimensions in different measurement units like feet, inches, cm, or mm.

Full-size Table Tennis Table Dimensions Metric in feet, inches, cm, and mm





















Net Height





If you want to know the different measurements of dimensions for foldable table tennis tables when they are folded, you can refer to the below table.

folded table tennis table

Full-size Table Tennis Table Dimensions Metric in feet, inches, cm, and mm (Folded)





















Other than the dimensions, have you notice some lines are being painted on the table? For standard table tennis tables, the tabletop needs to paint either in blue or green color. The lines need to paint in white color. The below picture shows you the line that you will find on a table tennis table.

table tennis table lines


There are other rules regarding the makeup of a table tennis table. One of those is that the surface, or “top,” as it’s called, must be rectangular.

The surface meant for playing that is the playing surface should not include the vertical side of the tabletop. The playing surface should be dark-colored. You can use any material as tabletop, provided it results in a uniform bounce of about 23 cm when a ball of standard weight is dropped on it from an approximate height of about 30 cm.

Mainly, there are only 3 lines you are going to observe on the tabletop. The width of the end line is 2cm. You can find the sidelines on both sides of the table, and the width is 2cm as well. There is a line painted across the middle of the table. The width of the line is 3cm. The purpose of this line is meant for double games, where the player needs to serve the ball diagonally to the opponent by crossing this centerline.

Are Table Tennis and Ping Pong Tables Having The Same Size?

As discussed before, the major difference between table tennis and ping pong is that table tennis is more official, while ping pong is normally for recreational play. Therefore, when we talk about table tennis tables, we generally talk about the official full-size table used for competition play, including Olympic.

With this, the table tennis table needs to be meet the standard size requirement, which is 9 feet(length) x 5 feet(width) x 2 feet 5 inches(height).

While for ping pong tables, since they are mean for recreational play, they are not necessary to follow the standard dimensions of a full-size table.

So apart from full-size tables, we can call all the non-standard tables like the midsize, mini, and compact tables ping pong tables.

Table Dimensions For Paralympics

The ping pong table dimensions are also applicable in the Paralympics, with the only difference coming from the classification of players in Paralympics. The International Tennis Federation classifies the player classes ranging from class 1-5 for players on wheelchairs and class 6-11 for those disabled but not conformed to wheelchairs, thus allowing them to play while standing.

Midsize Ping Pong Tables

This is a non-standard size of ping pong tables that can only use for recreation purposes. The most popular one would be the Joola Midsize table. It has the dimensions of 39.3″(L) x 39.2″(W) x 4″(H).

joola midsize

Compact Ping Pong Tables

The compact ping pong tables are compactable and can be stored easily after use. They are not having the same thickness of tabletop as the full-sized table.

You will be able to fold and store the compact table in a small space or room. It can be divided into two halves, and it is easy for one person to assemble and pack away without much stress.

The compact ping pong tables are more affordable than the standard table tennis tables. It will be perfect for beginners because you can use it to learn and develop your basic skills in table tennis and it is very suitable for home use.

butterfly compact table

The Compact 19 Ping Pong Table offered by Butterfly is one of the great compact tables you can get from the market. There is two thickness of the tabletop you can get which are 16mm or 19mm.

  • Playing dimensions: 9′ (length) x 5′(width) x 2’6″(height)
  • Storage dimensions: 5′ (length) x 5′(width) x 4’8″(height)

3/4 Size Ping Pong Table

Another great compact table is a 3/4 Size table. As the name suggests, it has a size of 3/4 compared to full-size table tennis tables. The table is ideal for juniors practicing if they are serious about playing the game. The dimensions of the table are 81″(L) x 45″(W) x 30″(H).

Butterfly 34 Size Ping Pong Table

Mini Tables

There are some mini ping pong tables that you can have if you want to play ping pong with your friends or family. These types of tables are design to save space.

Therefore, if you have limited room space, then the mini ping pong tables would be the perfect table for you.

A table like Park & Sun Sports Indoor/Outdoor Mini Table Tennis Table only has dimensions of
31.7″(W) x 32.6″(H) x 5.2″(D).

Park n Sun Sports table

Another one is the Stiga 54-Inch Mini Pong Table Tennis Table. It has dimensions of 29″(W) x 27″(H) x 54″ (D) or 73.5cm x 68.5cm x 137cm.

Table Tennis Conversion Top

Table Tennis Conversion Top

A table tennis conversion top is a type of table that you can place on top of a snooker or pool table or any suitable playing surface.

It does not require much space at home, and if you already have a snooker or a pool table at home, then a table tennis conversion top will be good for you.

However, the table tennis conversion top dimensions are not the same as the official table tennis dimension for full-sized table tennis tables and cannot be used for official ping pong tournaments. Most of the table tennis conversion tops will have dimensions of 9 x 5 feet.

Dimensions For Tables Balls Nets Room Size

There are special table tennis dimensions that apply according to the official rules of the sport. The International Table Tennis Federation is the governing body in charge of the sport, and they specify the different dimensions in the laws of the table tennis handbook…

The official dimensions in table tennis have to do with the official measurements of table tennis equipment and the room size or playing areas for indoor table tennis games as specified in the sport’s official rules.

The official dimension in table tennis rules includes;

  • Table
  • Ball
  • Net
  • Room Size

Ball dimension

The official rules of table tennis specify that the table tennis ball dimension shall be 40mm in diameter and must weigh 2.7 grams. It should be made from celluloid or similar materials and must be in white or orange color.

yellow ping pong balls

Room size

The official table tennis rules specify that the table tennis room dimension or the playing area in an indoor table tennis game shall be a rectangle of fewer than 14m long and 7m wide, and 5m high. Still, the four corners may be covered by surrounds of not more than 1.5m lengths.

Layout A


The Bottom Line…

The rules of table tennis specify that the table tennis table dimension must be 9 feet(length) x 5 feet(width) x 30 inches(height) or 2.74m (length) x 1.525m(width) x 76cm(height).

Other table tennis tables come in different shapes and sizes. They include the mini and compact table tennis tables and the table tennis conversion top.

The full-sized table tennis table is used in official table tennis competitions or tournaments, and if you plan on taking your game to the next level, you will need to practice with a full-size table tennis table.

If you cannot afford to buy a full-sized table tennis table right now, you can go for a compact table tennis table, but otherwise, I will advise that you find a local club close to you and practice with their tables.

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