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How Much Exercise Do I Really Need?

Hard Working

Many of us spend hours and hours in the gym aiming to achieve our perfect body. We go way above and beyond the conventional wisdom which tells us to exercise vigorously for at least half an hour a day, constantly punishing ourselves with tough cardio workouts. Huge numbers of gym members become very frustrated as they don’t see gains as quickly as they would like. In some cases, many gym goers fail to see any improvement at all, despite their commitment to regular cardio workouts. This has inevitably led to people questioning how much exercise they really need which, when explored, is not a bad line of questioning to take.


Reasons Why

There are many reasons why individuals fail to see gains from gym attendance. Many, and I must confess I fall into this category, work hard in the gym then reward themselves with a takeaway and a few beers. Clearly this is not going to work, what you put in at the gym will only pay off if you adapt eating habits and lifestyle to help meet your goals.

Recent scientific studies, such as a recent BBC “Horizon” programme, have highlighted that much of what you achieve from exercise is actually down to an individual’s DNA. In the case of some individuals, constant cardio workouts may not have much of an effect. Indeed, the presenter of the programme saw significant gains in certain areas, such as blood sugar levels and ability of the body to process increased levels of these, from as little as three minutes intense exercise each week.

Will It Work For Me?

Taking low levels of exercise at a high intensity may not work for you, however if you do not particularly enjoy the tough cardio workouts you undertake at the moment then it may well be an option worth exploring. Obviously you need to ensure that you eat healthily as well as follow other general lifestyle tips to maintain a good level of overall fitness. General tips such as taking the stairs instead of the lift, and getting off the bus a stop or two earlier, will in a lot of cases be equally as effective as tough cardio workouts.

On the other hand, if you are a regular gym attendee and this is something you enjoy, then by all means continue. You will continue to feel the benefits of the cardio workouts you do on a daily basis, which will lead to increased health and wellbeing for you in the long term.

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