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Knowing The Different Positions on a Netball Court

What we have here is a simple yet very self-explanatory netball diagram of the court. Player positions and all the needy greedy details. In this image, you will see the two-goal thirds, the center third, the sidelines, the goal line, the goal circles, and the transverse lines. And, of course, the netball positions.

Netball Court Positions
Netball Court Positions


Goal Shooter (GS)

As the name suggests, the main task is to score goals. They are only allowed in the third goal. They must execute a bunch of movements and leads to break away from the defense.


  • Play with GA to create the lead in the circle.
  • Play with GA, WA, C on attacking strategies.

Goal Attack (GA)

Same as GS, the GA must score goals and is allowed to move within the circle. But GA must play with WA and C to create strategies to advance in the goal third.


  • Gain the center pass.
  • Play with GS, WA, and C.
  • Feed the circle.

Wing Attack (WA)

The WA must deliver the ball to the GS/GA. WA may inter the goal third but may not cross the goal circle line. If so, there will be a free pass.


  • Win the center pass.
  • Work with C, GA, and GS to form attacking strategies.
  • Feed the circle.

Center (C)

The center is the main player between the defense and attack. He will link the two sides of the court. They may move around the whole court except the goal circles.


  • Make the center pass.
  • Create strong moves and combinations with WA to deliver the ball to GA and GS.
  • Defend center player.
  • Pressure with WD.

Wing Defense (WD)

The main job of the WD is to defend the defending third from opponents like WA, C GA, GS. WD is essential to support, and they must back up the attackers.


  • Battle against WA.
  • Force errors.
  • Create attacking moves.

Goal Defense (GD)

Pretty much the same role as WD, but now you can enter the goal circle, and your main task is to stop the GS and GA from shooting. But GD must have good attacking skills to deflect the ball from the defensive third.


  • Close defense with GA.
  • Work with GK.
  • Defend the goal.
  • Rebound shots.
  • Create attacking moves.

Goal Keeper (GK)

Like the GD, you may enter the goal circle, and your main task is to stop the GS from scoring a goal!


  • Battle GS.
  • Work with GD.
  • Defend the goal.
  • Rebound.
  • Create attacking strategies.

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