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Scared to Jump Out of a Plane, Try Indoor Skydiving!

Most people think of skydiving as a crazy sport where you jump out of an airplane from a very high altitude. Technology now allows us to use a vertical wind tunnel to skydive safely and on the ground. Well, not really on the ground, you will be floating in the air, but you know what I mean – you don’t have to jump out of a plane.

Vertical Wind Tunnel for Indoor Skydiving

What the heck is a vertical wind tunnel? You basically have a giant wind source, usually from a propeller or blower system that creates a column of air that will allow you to float. Some people call this body flying or indoor skydiving. The tunnels can also be used for training and testing new dive methods and tricks.


The air in the tunnel will be 120 mph or greater to maintain a upward flow of air to hold you. This will give you the ability to skydive without a plane or having to jump out of one. No parachute is needed! The speed of the air flow is the average persons, terminal velocity speed and can vary from person to person.

Most skydivers cannot tell the difference between a free fall and the wind tunnel. The name bodyflying as it has come to be called because a person is floating in midair inside the tunnel. This is designed to give you the same sensation as a free fall, but with the benefit of lasting longer than the actual event.

Ensure Safe Environment For Skydivers

Being a safe environment of the wind tunnel skydivers can perform roles, tumbles, and other acrobatic stunts in a controlled environment. One of the sports of skydiving is called formation, allowing multiple skydivers to make formations and then break apart for safe parachuting to the ground. This allows them to practice and master this art in a safe and controlled environment.

In the wind tunnel, you can use your body to decrease or increase the drag by using your legs and arms as rudders for motion control. There are other techniques that can be used to control your movement. Even the clothing or equipment you are wearing can add to the drag. This also gives the skydiver the opportunity to see how these items will behave during an actual skydive.

There are two types of wind tunnels can be used for this indoor skydiving of course, there are the ones built into a building, but there are also portable units that can be rented or that can be used in movies or other big events like state fairs.

indoor skydiving
indoor skydiving

Portable units are great for people that live in small towns, or may not have a permanent indoor wind tunnel to visit. The portable unit gives everyone a chance to fly. This also has the great effects of being outdoors, and you can see your surroundings for a great view. There are nets around to keep beginners from flying out of the air stream.

Wind Tunnels for Indoor Skydive

Indoor wind tunnels that are recirculating have an advantage over non-recirculating in colder climates. These are the two main types of indoor wind tunnels. Non-recirculating uses outdoor air that comes in at the bottom and exits the top, where as recirculating is a controlled environment where the air is created with a loop with turning veins and other equipment.

You may look in your local paper or phonebook to find a local wind tunnel. This could be also listed under; indoor skydiving or bodyflight. Furthermore, you may also want to check your state fair or other big events to see if they’re going to have a portable unit for you to give it a try and remember, if you’re not crazy enough to jump out of a plane this is the next best thing.

How Much is Indoor Skydiving Charges?

Well, different places will have different rate. On average, the price can be ranged from $35 to $90 for a flight.

Some places will offer discount for kids that below certain age.

Also, there are a lot of different packages offered by different indoor skydiving providers. Some are having, single flight, repeat flight, or book of 5 flights. Some providers offer 2 One minute flights, 2 minute, or 4 minute package. Besides, you can also get the DVD service to record your skydiving experience where you will charge for additional $10 to $20.

To know the prices in more detail, you can check on various websites for the indoor skydiving locations that you intend to go to. You will get the idea and you can then decided which one offer the price that you think are reasonable for you.

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