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What are Flexboardz Skateboards with Suspension?

The day the cellphone was invented, kids went mobile. The day the computer broadcasted youtube, we all became movie stars.

Just like the first mountain bike with suspension changed off-road cycling, the Flexboardz Mountain Skate Board will forever change the world of skateboarding.

The game will never be the same. Ride one, you’ll see.

The Flexboardz mountain skateboard is designed for lots of things. Originally conceived by a Kite Board enthusiast in France, the Flexboardz was originally conceived on a beach, not a mountain. The inventor, looking for a similar look and felt to windsurfing, found the beach to be unfriendly to typical skateboard wheel configurations. With some tinkering and some new tires, he came to what we now see as the Flexboardz Skateboard. This Beach Sand-friendly skateboard was pulled through the beach sand, surf on the wings of the inventors’ kite, and he and his friends fell in love.

Flexboardz skateboard
Flexboardz skateboard

After 6 months of playing with the idea, the Flexboardz needed money. The distributor, Flexboardz USA, and Extreme Gravity Sports stepped up to the challenge. By late 2010, they rewarded those investments with the rights to distribute these Skateboards to the market.

What can a Flexboardz do?
– Go over curbs
– Cut through the grass
– Take the alley
– Jump the construction site
– Cruise the stairs
– Surf the subdivision
– Crank a corner in the parking garage
– And many more things that only professionals should even try.

Flexboardz – Mountain Skateboards Long Board

Flexboardz offers three different models to fit your extreme sport. The board rides your terrain smoother, in more control, and off the road with ease.

Check out the Kartika for its shorter board and tighter turning radius if you are into downhill cruising and street carving.

The Mendi is the ever aggressive on and off-road mountain board. With taller off-road tires, it eats up the terrain with ease. It is also very adaptable to the street and can carve corners and roll over large transitions.

The Haize is more at home on the beach kite surfing. This board has more of a surfboard feeling with its increased length and 9-inch tall tires.

Flexboardz gives the feeling of surfing or snowboarding and can be tuned by adjusting the ride height of the board, increasing or decreasing the amount of flex the board has. With independent suspension, these boards eat up bumps and transition with ease.

Let’s take a brief discussion on all the Flexboardz that was just mentioned earlier.

Flexboardz Karrika

An all-around carves that is ultra-light and easy to skate with. It is amazing on asphalt (even on poor quality surfaces). It doesn’t matter if you are skate on dirt or grass. It is the free ride option for street and everyday use and is the best size for the younger and smaller framed rider.

The Karrika has a sharper turning radius due to its shorter length than the Mendi and the Haize models. Excellent for the street and downhill carving, with no speed wobbles.

The Flexboardz Karrika mountain skateboard is designed for both on and off-road extreme sport.

Flexboardz Mendi Mountain Skateboardz

The Mendi mountain board is the all-terrain model. Benefiting from the effectiveness of its independent suspension, it owns any obstacles in its path, which it sticks to due to the exceptional grip of its tilting wheels. Larger riders over 150 pounds will use this board as the street board, longboard, skateboard solution for downhill, On, or Off-Road. Built for riders up to 200 lbs.

Flexboardz Haize Mountain Skate Board

It is specifically designed for kiteboarding. Its unique ability to adjust the ride angle offers a more ergonomic stance and a maximum grip, limiting downwind drift for better upwind riding and faster runs without speed wobble. The haze excels at carving with kites as well as still being a fun ride on the street.

The Flexboardz Haize is a perfect fit with the Kitewing as well as having rough terrain off-road skills.

Precaution on the Risk

Skateboarding is dangerous. Stepping foot on a skateboard, with or without straps, implies that you take the risk upon yourself for all harm, risk, injury, and liability. There is no such thing as a normal skateboarding injury. Wear a helmet, protective clothing, pads, and other safety equipment. Assume injury and danger while riding Flexboardz.

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