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Top Netball Trainers, Dresses, Bibs, Balls and Posts Reviews

Gel-Netburner Ballistic

The best feature of this bad boy is that now it supports an upper, lower mesh profile, and it has increased forefoot flexibility! This makes it a great running shoe. These netball trainers are for sale in the whole world.

You can find them in UK, NZ, EU, AUS, and USA! The best shoe in netball from Asics this year, I can say, the Gel-Netburner Ballistic provides netball players with the feel of a running shoe, but it keeps the court durability! And you can get them in black color!

Gel-Netburner Ballistic Gel-Netburner Ballistic


Gel-Netburner 16

These are my personal favorites, and I will tell you why! This one is made especially for support and protection! This is the only netball shoe that offers a (Plus3) 3mm heel gradient that reduces the Achilles tendon pressure. Whenever the strain levels during your drills are higher than they should be, you can count on Gel-Netburner 16.

Gel-Netburner 16


Gel-Netburner Ignites 8

These are for cushion and stability. The best feature of the net burners is that they have an asymmetrical lacing that reduces irritation across the instep and creates comfort and fit. This is the best footwear for mid-court neutral foot types. It has a soft but stable platform feel and an external heel clutch to improve comfort and fit while being light!

Gel-Netburner Ignites 8

That is pretty much it for Asics. I am sure you can find your fit in at least one of the three above. Asics netball trainers deliver great support and quality. Let’s move on to Gilbert!

Gilbert Trainers

Gilbert Flash and X2 Netball Shoes

When we hear Gilbert, we hear the quality, and this time it flashes in front of our eyes! Tamsin Greenway and INF Umpires endorse the Gilbert Flash Shoes. It is great for dynamic movements because of the key arch support from the instep stability by Dual-Density.

It is a great running shoe and created specifically for netball! If you have a slightly narrow foot, these are the ones you should go with! They give you a fool range of movement and stability! Try them, and you will not regret it!

Both of them are a great find and will keep your feet happy! This is something not every brand can promise! Both Junior and Adult are the same. Just the size is different!

Gilbert Blaze X4

A very lightweight but supportive shoe created for players who cover a lot of the court requires lots of quick movements during the game.

A light mesh with strategic supportive elements that provides midfoot stability. It is something you could start with and then chose something more fit for you! But for a beginner, these shoes are great!

Same thing here, there are two types of Gilbert Blaze X4, the Junior and Adult. The difference is the size!

Gilbert Elite Ladies and Juniors

This is the next-gen in netball. I have to say! Combining the Xtra-Dura and Hex-PRO technology to create the next-level performance netball shoe! It is lightweight designed with a TPU shank piece and a strategic pivot point to add stability. It has a padded tongue and collar for more comfort and a full-length shock absorption system. You can’t go wrong with these! Both for Junior and Adults!

Netball Dresses

Gilbert Eclipse II Netball Dress

The fabric that it is made of is spandex for complete flexibility and movement. It has front and back Velcro so that you can attach your patch bibs! This second series has a fresh new look that will make you stand out in the team!

The same thing goes for dresses as it did for the trainers! You can buy them worldwide: UK, EU, USA, NZ, AUS, anywhere! There are many different netball dress designs, and you can choose from a wide variety! And you can Find cheap dresses too! No need to spend a fortune!

Netball Skirts

There are many different types of skirts! For cheap and high quality!

With all the netball uniforms around, you can create even your own. A small combination of this and that can create something great! But if you do not feel that artistic, I will help you chose from a few basic ones and then go more advanced! I will leave you with some links you can look at and when you have chosen something you like I will be waiting for you!

Netball Bibs

Like every team, you must have your netball bibs! They can be flashy or ordinary, but you must have them! How will you know in the middle of an intense game to whom to pass? Get your netball bibs for cheap and different models like with Velcro!

Well, well! We are almost dressed for netball and ready to kick it! But there are a few more things we need to take into consideration! That would be the netball ball and the netball post! Two more basic things, and you will be ready to play!

Netball Ball

The netball ball may differ from brand to brand, but the basics are the same! Here are a few netball balls from Gilbert.

Gilbert Netball

We have a few crazy models here and there, but they sure do look great. That’s what I have to say. Sure after the few neat ones, we have the more official-looking netball balls!

You can’t just play in an official match with a crazy-looking ball like the first ones. You need to be more official!

Mitre Netball

Like Gilbert, Mitre has a few crazy ones too! And one thing that I forgot to mention in the Gilbert section is that there are bouncing balls too! So don’t worry too much about that! The quality of both brands is incredible! You will not regret it!

And last but not least, the netball posts!

Netball Post

There are many questions in this section that people ask, like. How tall is a netball post? Well, I’ll give you the answer right here and right now! It is 3.05 meters that are 10 feet, and the metal ring is 38 centimeters, and that is 15 inches!

Now that we got that out of the way, netball posts are very similar to the basketball ones, but they don’t have the backboard, making netball a very accurate sport.

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