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The Yonex Voltric is More than it Seems

As a serious badminton player, you know the most important part of a successful game aside from the skill is the equipment you play with. The Yonex Voltric Series badminton rackets provide a balance of power and agility. The style was released in 2010 as an improvement on their Yonex Armortec series.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Yonex Voltric

There are eleven racket varieties in the Yonex Voltric series, each with a unique flex and weight/grip size combination. They are composed of a Graphite and Tungsten frame for a sturdy but light feel. Unlike other badminton rackets, this series attempt to combine the ability to provide powerful swings and easy handling.


These rackets have a unique design termed the Tri-Voltage System. The stiffness at the top of the frame combined with a thin frame allows more flexion when the shuttle hits the racket, which increases the amount of time the shuttle is in contact with the racket, allowing for a maximum transfer of power.

At the same time, a balanced system of weight between the T-joint and the top of the frame keeps the racket easy to maneuver even during tight swings and short rallies.

  • Average Weight Range: 73g-89.9g
  • Grip Range: G3-G6
  • Stringing Advice: 19-27lb
  • Manufactured in Japan


As would be expected, the Yonex Voltric series offers a badminton racquet for those with a serious interest in the sport; therefore, prices can seem expensive to those who aren’t part of the sporting community. Also, since racquets range in both weight and stiffness, prices vary.

The Voltric Lite and OF varieties represent the lower prices, averaging $80-$90. The Z-Force II, FB, and 80 E-Tune can be found between $280 and $300.

You can find lower-cost Yonex rackets for a lower price on Amazon and some discount sporting goods stores. Still, you must be careful that you don’t buy a counterfeit brand racquet that claims to be made by Yonex since these racquets are made from low-quality materials.

Materials made

The Voltric badminton racquets cannot be considered the “typical.” The shaft is made of Neoprene, a carbon composite material that makes it stronger yet lighter than the average badminton racquet.

The racquet frame is composed of graphite and tungsten, allowing for a fast return and maximum flexibility. With such high-quality materials, you know that the racquet can outlast your roughest rally.

Yonex Voltric sekeleton
Yonex Voltric skeleton

Pros and Cons

Pro: There are many benefits to purchasing a Yonex Voltric badminton racquet. This series features a sturdy T-joint design to ensure that the racquet stays rigid upon impact, with an isometric design that increases the area of the frame and provides a larger “sweet spot.” It also has a large grip area for more control.

Pro: This racquet comes in various weights and grip sizes and is a great racquet for a wide range of players.

Con: The price could be considered a con, but only if you only plan to play recreational badminton. If you plan to play the sport competitively, the Voltric series is well within an acceptable price range.

Con: One of the biggest problems people have with this brand is the number of counterfeits out in the market. The Yonex website offers a wealth of information on how to tell whether the racquet you’re looking at might be a fake.


The Yonex Voltric badminton racquet has enough power for the intermediate player without sacrificing speed and agility. Designers utilized advanced technology and materials to make a racquet that increases the skill-set of players no matter their current level of ability.

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