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Table Tennis Equipment – Net Table Cover Paddle Ball and Tops

Before you go and get some table tennis equipment or ping pong accessories, you need to be clear about what you want to do with them. You could be buying the accessories to have fun playing the game at home with family and friends.

There may be a member of your family who has shown a lot of interest in the game to the extent of aspiring to play professionally. When you establish this, you will decide what kind of accessories to get and the amount you can invest.

ping pong accessories

Paddle and Rubber Grip

Several ping pong accessories can improve your performance; one of them is the ping paddle. The ping pong paddle comes in many shapes and sizes. The handle of the ping pong is usually made of wood. Different types of wood give different a feel for each player.

A rubber grip is important if you had already bought a paddle but are not satisfied with the firmness of its grip. The rubber grip can be slid onto the paddle or removed depending on the game’s progress and when the player needs a firmer grip.

Pre-made Paddles

Some paddles are pre-made, while others are custom-made. Pre-made paddles have the rubber cover already slipped onto the blade. Custom paddles are the opposite of pre-made paddles in that they do not have the rubber covering slipped on the blade. The cover of the blade is an accessory by itself since some professional players spend a lot of time looking for the perfect cover.

The paddle also needs to be protected from wear and tear. A ping pong bat has certain specific dimensions. In a professional game, these dimensions are not mandatory for the paddle used in the tournament. The dimensions are believed to be the best to give the optimal performance during the game. Therefore, when a ping pong bat gets worn out, it will affect the game, so a paddle’s cover is necessary.


The ping pong table must always be in the best condition. Even the slightest warping of the table will affect the game. To keep the table in its tip-top condition, a table cover is needed. The cover will prevent the wood from exposure to dampness and moisture.

This is especially important if you are going for an outdoor ping pong table. The cover also helps to prevent the tabletop from getting scratched. The smoothness of the table’s top is essential to ping pong as it enables the ball to spin as required in the game. If you lose this quality of smoothness, then you may have to get a new table to regain it. It is therefore essential to maintain the table‘s smoothness.

If you are a serious player, you will want to go for a standard-size ping pong table instead of a recreational one. This will allow you to play a more professional game.

Net and Other Supplies

Some of the best ping pong supplies include a quality ping pong net, ping pong conversion top, table tennis shoes, return boards, ball dispensers, lights, and other equipment.


The ball also needs a cover. The cover maintains the smoothness of the ball. This is necessary if you will be moving around with it, especially during tournaments and training sessions.

There is no such thing as having too many ping pong balls, so if you are going to bring the game of ping pong into your home, then you should buy as many balls as you can. Here is why: The balls can easily get lost due to their small size.

ping pong balls

On a lighter note, their small size is pretty convenient because you can quickly and easily store the balls where you see fit. Some ping pong tables are more equipped than others as they provide a storage area for the table tennis balls. They even come fixed with a net that has a smooth, soft covering.

This is what you should pay close attention to when comparing ping pong tables to ascertain which is the best to buy: an adjustable net that has a soft covering on it, well-made paddles, and cheap bulk ping pong balls.

Ping pong balls resemble golf balls in just about every aspect–both sets of balls are white, small, light, and round. Furthermore, they both come in different styles. Each style features a different design.

You will have no difficulty with finding the perfect set of balls, the one that matches your personality and the ping pong table. The 3-star ping pong balls are something you should consider getting before anything else, and here is why:

The International Table Tennis Federation approves the 3-star style. It is globally recognized for its ability to withstand strong play. It is incredibly durable as well as easy to look at and play with for hours.

Table tennis balls, in general, are so fun and worthwhile to invest in simply because you can customize them in any way. They can go from being plain and white to funky and colorful.

They can even be used in a ping pong tournament and for other reasons–such as advertising, promoting, or commemorating. Any element can be printed on some balls and complement the entire set, whether it is a heartfelt message, a symbol, or a picture.

Ping Pong Table Covers

Table tennis tables are often too big to store inside the house, resulting in many tables being stored outside in sheds or garages. While storing tables outside may seem like a good option, it can expose your table to much potential damage from the elements, including dust and grime. That is where an outdoor table tennis cover comes in useful.

So what exactly should a good outdoor table tennis cover do?

1. Waterproof

If you store your table outside, such as inside an open garage, then you be fairly certain that rain will be blown into your garage and hit your exposed table at some point or another. That is why you need a waterproof cover to stop the rain from falling on and damaging your table.

While a table tennis cover may protect your cover from light rain, I would advise you in the event of heavy rain to find better storage facilities for your table as a cover can only protect so much of your table.

2. UV Rays

The powerful UV rays that the sun emits can potentially damage your table tennis cover and make the color of the table fade. For example, although you may store your table inside a garage, the strong rays coming through a glass window could damage the table covering.

If you store your table outside where it could be exposed to the damaging effects of sunlight, then I would advise you to obtain a cover made of material that is resistant to UV rays. The material you should use in your cover is PVC, as this has excellent UV-resistant properties.

Ping Pong Robot or Launcher

There are currently tons of ping pong robots available that can insert a lot of table tennis balls. You should invest in such equipment if you need to improve your overall skills in this addictive game.

While there are standard ping pong rules to follow, you can continuously turn this game into what you want by practicing with many balls. That is to say.

You can play ping pong for fun, following no rules at all. That is what makes ping pong the perfect game for everybody–including the elderly, young adults, and children.

To accommodate everybody, the best thing you can do is invest in several types of equipment–all of which should vary in size. Therefore, the size of the ball should be either big or small.

The paddles should be thin, wide, or thick. The table should be able to adjust with ease, moving either up or down. If you invest in such equipment, especially ping pong balls, you will not regret it.


If you don’t want to let the ball go off too far away and you need to go very far to pick up the ball, then you will need to get table tennis barriers. They are simple devices that are used to surround the playing area of table tennis. It allows you to cover certain floor space in an area to practice table tennis games.

Table Tennis Conversion Top

It will be great to go with a ping pong table top if you own a pool table because it is perfect for those who love the occasional game of ping pong while entertaining relatives. It is an ideal alternative that gives entertainment and can be enjoyed with family.

Easy Conversion

It would be best if you had a dining room table or billiards table. These types of tabletops slide over the billiards or dining table and are easily convertible into an indoor ping pong table.

They are available in many types, and one may obviously be better than the other. No table tennis conversion tops can be equal to a dedicated ping pong table, but they can save a lot of space and give a decent experience.

It is the best option for those who live in flats and like to play table tennis. Most of these table tops are cheaper than regular dedicated tables, but it doesn’t need to be. Ultimately the conversion tops are the best choice for indoor sports lovers.

The table tennis conversion tops have a huge amount of varieties of products. It is clear that there are no ITTF certified conversion tops, but there are some that give tremendous adventure of playing, entertainment, and pleasure.

This is like the best option who have garage space or large drawing rooms but loves indoor games. You can fold many of the regular tables for less storage. However, you can also store an indoor table tennis conversion top in small storage compared to regular size tables.

They are easy storage in a smaller case, while standard tables are not. After that, let’s come to the marketing part. Many of them are sold in two separate pieces in the same package in the current market. The additional equipment is generally sold separately, like ping pong paddles and ping pong balls.

Thing To Take into Consideration

Choosing the right tabletop is a vital part. Here are some points you have to remember while choosing one. First, you should look for the dimension.

It should be at least three or four-inch thick for a better and quality playing experience. Then it would help if you looked for the metal rail, which is the most important part for the stability of the conversion top.

After that comes the weight. It varies differently, where the mid-range is about one hundred and twenty pounds. You can choose one depending upon your choice. While buying a tabletop, the most considerable part is the size of your room where it is to be placed.

Table tennis conversion tops are cheap, and they can be easily stored and the best option for the family to play pool and table tennis games. Nowadays people personally love it very much. Many families don’t have enough space, and for that reason getting a tabletop is regarded as the best choice for the entertainment and fun of indoor game lovers.

For this reason, tabletops hit a great height in the current market. It provides the ultimate gaming experience cheap, and the best part is with the family members.

Wrist Band

The other accessory you may want to add is a wristband. A cool wrist band not only helps you to wipe off sweat during the match conveniently but adds a sense of style to your ping pong accessories.

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