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The Use and Build of Table Tennis Barriers

The table tennis barriers are the devices that are used to surround the playing area of table tennis. It allows you to cover certain floor space in an area to practice table tennis games.

You can do this without requiring any formal setting or assembly. You can put them on the floor as their base is normally supported by 2 stands which allows them to keep in a place where you have set them.

These table tennis barriers are made with a mindset to make budget-friendly and economic instruments durable and long-lasting so that institutions and schools can adopt them for their budding players to practice table tennis.

table tennis barrier

Generally, the table tennis barrier is constructed with blue hard plastic boards. Once they are used to surround the playing area, the players can play the game inside. People also tend to use the barrier as the boundary line. Outside the boundary line, it will not be considered as the play area anymore.

Main Purpose of Table Tennis Barrier

The main purpose of using the table tennis barriers is to block the ball from rolling far away. Without placing this device, if the playing area is large, like playing in a hall without the table tennis barriers when the ball goes off the court, it might go very far, and you will need to run for a distance to collect the ball. If you keep on playing like this, you will get exhausted very fast.

Therefore, having the table tennis barriers in place will be very convenient for you to pick up the ball as all the balls will block by them. In addition, it can also use to separate from the adjacent competition court and spectators.

Color options

Table tennis barriers are available in various colors to organize their use uniformly. When teachers set these barriers for the entire class, blue table tennis barriers give a uniform and organized look.

These barriers are also available in different colors to further organize exciting and innovative table tennis training activities. It can become a station to test the players’ skills, including volleying, shot placement, serving, etc.

Partners for friendly competitions are also matched up by the color of the table tennis barriers they have used for practice. All players can focus on practicing and improving their skills without the need to worry about the ball. They no need to waste their energy to chase the balls and collect them.

Instant Use

Table tennis barriers can be used right away for you to practice table tennis. You can start playing within seconds after setting them down and selecting your side.

You do not need any complicated setting or assembly to keep the barrier in its place, as its flared base’s design helps it stay where you have put it.

Moreover, the tapered design of these barriers also helps in controlling your table tennis ball. When the ball hits the barrier, its design rolls it back to the player instead of rebounding it in the entire room.

Long-Lasting Option

Table tennis barriers are a long-lasting option for amateur players as they are made in one piece and lightweight using plastic. It helps the barriers to face the wear and tear during their institutional use as they are usually not worn at any point. Their design keeps them protected even if they are turned over several times or handled roughly by the students.

Table Tennis Barrier Requirement in Professional Tournament

The official size is 140cm x 75cm. The general material used to make the barrier is nylon. Round iron pipes support the periphery, and they can be folded and moved at will.


Most of the skeletons are constructed from galvanized pipes. Generally, there are 3 types of brackets you can find on the market. Those brackets are detachable, right-angle, and rounded-angle.

Barriers with right-angle and rounded-angle come in one piece. They are not detachable. So, they may occupy more space when you put them in storage. If you want to save space, you can go for the detachable one.

There are 3 different pipe diameters you can choose from. They are 0.75mm, 0.85mm, and 0.95mm. Of course, the thicker, the stronger the barrier will be.

2 rotatable stands make the barrier to be stable, non-slip, and not easy to get incline. The rubber base help to increase friction, make the stand stay firm without easy slipping.


The quality of the table tennis barrier is defined by the number of lines per nylon used to make the device. The higher the number of lines per nylon use, the thicker the product, the better the quality of the device will be.

table tennis barrier material

This quality of barrier is suitable to be used for training in court.

This quality will feature more lines of nylon with a thicker skeleton. The building is very sturdy. It is suitable to be used in the arena activity room or court in the clubhouse.

This barrier having the most number of lines per nylon. So it is the most durable among others. The barrier is suitable to be used in corporate units or for regular tournaments.

For a professional tournament, the table tennis barriers requirement is 32 pieces. They need to surround the table tennis table in a court with 16 pieces for the length and 6 pieces for the width.

Different Brands Available

If you are looking to buy table tennis barriers, there are some popular brands that you can choose from. Those brands include Butterfly, Joola, Killerspin, and Newgy.

Butterfly Europa Barrier

This is the best seller for Butterfly. It is the official barrier for table tennis tournaments in North America. The barrier is having the size 7’8″ x 2’4″. It is featured with the Butterfly logo on one side.

Newgy Court Barrier

The size of this barrier is 7′ 8″ (length) x 27″ (height). It is very easy to assemble. It is made with a sturdy snap-together steel frame with fully enclosed end legs. This helps to provide a sturdy stand for the barrier.

Joola Barrier

JOOLA Barrier is constructed with sturdy and tear-free PVC. It has plastic foil with a one-sided print. The size of the barrier is 200cm long and 73cm high.

Killerspin Barriers

This barrier will help to create a perimeter of the playing area for you to play table tennis. It is built with steel tubes and polyester covers. It is specially designed for a snug fit. One of the advantages of having this barrier is that you can link the partitions together if you want to.

Now, the table tennis barriers have become indispensable equipment for table tennis. A table tennis court surrounded by table tennis barriers has become a different kind of court scenery. At the same time, the advertisements where organizers place on it also make it have unlimited commercial value.

Nonetheless, sometimes the table tennis barrier can become the object for players to vent their frustration when losing in the game.

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