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Some Treadmill Brands You Can Consider When Buying One

Treadmill Factory Helps You Enjoy A New Healthy Lifestyle

Treadmill Factory logo
Treadmill Factory logo

Treadmill Factory is the most renowned name in the field of superior quality fitness equipment. You can find a wide variety of fitness equipment, including treadmills, exercise machines, rowing machines, spinners, steppers, vibration machines, home gyms, power racks and leverage machines, and much more. You can choose the best products for your home or health club effortlessly on the company’s website.

The company takes pride in offering the best customer service. You can get the best equipment that helps to turn to a healthy lifestyle at affordable prices here.

Reputable Brands

Treadmill Factory offers treadmills of reputable brands. You can view the products on one page and decide which equipment best suits your requirement. You can get the details about any product, such as color, running surface, belt size, rollers, user weight capacity, and so on.

You can also know whether the product comes with a warranty for motor, frame, parts, and labor. The features and benefits of the treadmill are listed on the website, which helps you get the highest quality fitness equipment.

You can call the friendly staff members and obtain any other essential information about the product. You can confirm whether the treadmill you want to choose would suit your fitness level. Once you are satisfied with a treadmill, you can place your order.

Normally, the treadmill factory or company arranges for fast shipping. Using the best treadmill can help you burn off unnecessary fat quickly. Many people who have bought products from this store have attested that they have received their products fast and friendly.

Wide Selection of Treadmill Products

Treadmill Factory offers a wide range of treadmill parts and accessories. Treadmill safety key, motor control board, and entertainment system treadmill TV and DVD are some of the most useful parts and accessories found in this store.

All the products are available at discounted prices so that you can save a lot on your hard-earned money. You can make use of the repairing service offered by the company to get your treadmills repaired effectively. The service department distributes and changes direct current motor controllers. You can get most of the reputable brands’ motors here.

You can also access thousands of walking belt styles and choose the one that suits your requirement. It has an array of front and rear rollers, so you can easily change the rollers in your old treadmill. The professionals lend support to customize your existing treadmill to avoid sudden stops.

Many people who want to live a healthy lifestyle prefer to buy a treadmill. There are literally hundreds of treadmills available in the market, so choosing the right product may not be very clear. Treadmill Factory helps you choose the right brand by providing detailed specifications of each brand.

You can look at various features of a treadmill, like the size of the motor, heart rate options, and tread belt size. The professionals lend you a hand to choose the product that matches your need.

Begin Your Exercise Regime With Bowflex Treadmill

Everyone knows that exercise is crucial to maintain your proper weight. However, the modern lifestyle deprives most of us of spending time to do exercise. Bowflex treadmill offers the best solution to all these problems. It offers you the benefits of many types of exercises.

It combines the health benefits of a stair climbing and treadmill-style machine. It provides a high-intensity cardiovascular workout, which is suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes. You can tone your muscles, burn fat and achieve optimum heart rate by working in this machine.

Endurance Level Adjustment

Bowflex machine has the ability to increase the difficulty level to meet your progress throughout your endurance level. You can choose a gentle walking pace and gradually achieve a greater level of fitness. It provides all the benefits of workouts whilst ensuring a low-impact work session.

This, in turn, can help you burn calories without worrying about the risk of injury to the lower back and joints. It is proved that this machine burns up to 150 percent more calories than a normal treadmill. You can burn more calories in half the time span while using this machine. This makes you do workouts more effectively.

Another important advantage of using the Bowflex treadmill to start your exercise regime is that it allows workouts while watching TV or watching your kids. It is a small and compact machine so that you can keep the machine conveniently in your living room.

It weighs 185 lbs but can handle up to 300 lbs weight. If you have older adults at home, this machine can be of great help to them. It has numerous safety features and slower speeds so that seniors can do exercises safely and comfortably. Again, they can do in the comfort of home.

3 Different Types of Electronic Trackers

Bowflex treadmill comes with three different electronic trackers that help measure your time, distance, and speed easily. As it allows you to adjust the speed, you can use speeds ranging from half a mile per hour to four miles per hour, according to your fitness level and requirement.

You can change the resistance and intensity of your workout with the help of twelve different settings offered by this machine.

Sometimes, using ellipticals may cause physical problems. Bowflex machine gives you all the benefits offered by elliptical without stressing your knee. You can also leave your hands free and hold on to the bars to lift or carry weight. This can help you become more fit quickly.

Bowflex treadmill features superior quality and offers tremendous workouts. It comes with an expansive warranty. You can use the machine for up to a month, and if you are not satisfied with it, you can get a refund. The machine works from a dual treadle system that increases to meet each level. It includes an integrated wireless heart monitor.

Getting exercise daily is crucial to your health. You can now burn your calories quickly and effectively by spending a few minutes in the Bowflex machine.

Weslo Cadence Treadmill – Affordable Treadmill Choice

According to a study, most people could not find time for their fitness and find the short ways. I mean alternate of exercise. Some of them use pills or any other chemical for getting smart, but in this way, you will be awarded any disease. I think this is not a good deal. So what should you do?

You have two choices: the use of pills and chemicals, and the second is the proper exercise. If anyone leaves this question for me, I’ll pick the second way.

But the very question is that how can we get enough time for the workout and how much it’ll be hard? The answer is that it is not hard than drinking coffee or taking pills, and you can also enjoy your workout with the help of the Weslo Cadence Treadmill.

It is assumed that it’ll provide you with the most wanted fitness and has no side effects like pills and other medicines you used before exercise.

Why Should you Purchase Weslo Cadence Treadmill?

Now the question is, why did you purchase only Weslo Cadence? So, the answer is straightforward that it is durable and affordable. It is assured that you will get your desired fitness after spending less.

You will be provided with comfortable cushions and a heavy motor even at a very affordable price as you cannot find a better treadmill at this price. In addition, you’ll find two main types of Weslo Cadence Treadmill. One is manual, and the second is automatic; both are available with a large LCD screen.

Unique Features:

  • Comfortable cushioning can help to abolish the unsafe shock, which is generally occurred while walking or running.
  • It provides you three incline positions of 3 percent, 6 percent, and 9 percent. In this way, you can increase your heart rate and burn maximum calories.
  • You can get the maximum workout with the help of its powerful 2.25 horsepower motor.
  • A large screen LCD shows your speed, distance, burnt calories, time, and heart pulses to work according to your goal.
  • This treadmill also provides you a comfortable walking surface with its tread belt, which is durable and long-lasting.
  • Its unique and folding design allows you to store it in a short place at your home.


You should be aware of the subject brand of the treadmill. Don’t worry; we are here for your help. We’ll brief you about it that how you can uphold the competence of your treadmill. Just remember our tips. The use of this affordable and cheapest treadmill is straightforward. You can fix your treadmill by following these tips:

Stop Before Any Damage:

Treadmill gears can be out of work due to their extreme friction. Try to unplug it before any damage. Now, what will you do? Simple, you’ll open the deck of the treadmill and readjust its belt. If it does not work after this, it means it is not more for you. You have to buy another motor.

Sudden Acceleration:

Sometimes, it will be suddenly accelerated without you pressing any button in Weslo Cadence Treadmill. This is only due to the dust problem. Sensors need cover from dust, so that was happening only due to dirty speed sensors. You have to clean it up regularly to prevent this problem.

Horizon Treadmill

Horizon Treadmill is used as a fitness instrument. You have heard about them but do not know further about these treadmills. When we feel that we need fitness or live a healthy lifestyle, we choose a horizon treadmill. It is possible only in one condition when you prefer the value and importance of your health and fitness, which is impossible without exercise.

So, after deciding if you want to purchase a horizon-type treadmill, try to find out a quality-making machine because there are many its models like Quantum, Omega, and the Paragon treadmills.

It is not an expensive brand, and it is used for building your body parts really solid. This is a considerable thing if you are thinking about jogging or running continuously for a long time.

Review of Horizon Treadmill:
When you search about horizon fitness treadmill types, you will find many machines. All these machines are hydraulic assisted and very easy to use, and if you want to store them in a small place, you can do this by folding the treadmills.

Specifications of Treadmills from Horizon Fitness:

  • There are different sizes of motors available in different horsepower in the market. The size of the motor will start from 1.75 horsepower, and in a higher model, you’ll find 2.5 size horsepower of the motor.
  • According to different horsepower sizes, these models have different speeds and start from 10 mph, and in a full-size motor, you’ll find 12 mph.
  • Normally, you’ll get a 10 percent incline on all motors, but you’ll get 12 percent in higher models.
  • After purchasing the treadmills, they’ll provide you with a minimum 7 years warranty and a maximum 15 years warranty.

Features of the horizon fitness treadmill:

  • There are different features concerning the treadmill model. We are here presenting a general and unique combination of treadmill features.
  • They’ll provide you with 4 to 8 different programs, and you can choose one of them as per your wish.
  • 1 backlit LCD screen
  • In the handgrip of the treadmill, sensors are fitted just for sensing the rate of your heart during exercise.
  • When you purchase a higher model of treadmill, you’ll find a three-zone cushion system in it.
  • They will also provide you with an orthopedic belt in top models.

Our overall horizon fitness treadmill ratings:
This type of treadmill is used at home due to its satisfactory and unique features. So, you can save time and space and get a better workout with the horizon treadmills. This exercise machine has the following advantages:

  • In the overall models of the treadmill, you will find durability and better performance, which are the most important factors.
  • The long warranty of this treadmill is solid proof of its quality. It is confirmed that you are not going to compromise with quality.
  • Due to having smooth features, you can get hassle-free and efficient work.
  • High-quality treadmills provide you with a cushioning system, and you get more pleasant and feel more protected during your workout.

Life Fitness Treadmill

Life fitness treadmill is specially designed to suit home as well as commercial use. They come packed with all essential features that make treadmills very effective. Being affordable, this treadmill is sought after by many looking for a good workout without having to take the trouble of going to the gym.

Many top athletes, health club members, and military personnel use this treadmill to keep fit. Life Fitness offers two major treadmill lines. There are a total of two options available in the first line and six in the second T-Series.

T3 series of Life Fitness treadmill is the basic treadmill offering two categories, namely the T3 and T3i. A large number of value-added features are offered in both these models, including sport training workouts. Both models also display distance, elapsed time, heart rate, incline, speed, calories burnt, and calories per hour.

Speeds of up to 10 miles per hour can be accommodated by both models that come with a 15% incline. Heart features offered in this model include heart rates zone training workouts such as extreme heart rate, heart rate interval, heart rate hill, fat burn, and cardio and Polar Telemetry. This treadmill model from the Life Fitness T3 series comes with a 2.5 HP motor.

The T5 life fitness treadmill model is designed for competitive running. Compared to the T3 series that are slower, T5 series treadmills come with a speed of up to 12 miles an hour. The walking area here is long and wide, and the machine has a powerful drive motor. Though the display is simpler and has fewer programs than the T5i, both models are highly durable in construction.

The T7 life fitness treadmill model comes with a daily training workout package that includes 45 minutes cross-train, a 3-mile jog, and a 30-minute walk, and the workouts are customizable. Additional customizable workouts are offered in the T9 series with other features such as distance goal, calories goal, pace mode, speed interval training, and Life Pulse TM digital heart rate monitoring.

Featuring a belt of dimensions 5/8 inch 60 x 20, 4.0 HP motor, 3.5-inch roller, and cushioned deck, this model can bear at least 400 pounds weight. With 15% incline and 12 MPH speed, this model also provides feedback and readouts apart from six custom memory slots enabling easier personal workouts and sixteen pre-set programs. The T9 also features a wireless chest strap along with Ergo hand sensors to monitor heart rate.

The Life Fitness treadmill ensures optimum fitness for users with its varied workout options, no matter which model you choose. Before purchasing a treadmill, carefully analyze the features and options and choose one according to your specific fitness needs. Also, ensure that the treadmill you choose comes with a long warranty and a high continuous duty rating.

Elliptical Vs. Treadmill

Elliptical trainers and treadmills are popularly sought after by those who are particular about their fitness and health. Both these equipment are excellent for aerobic indoor workouts. As you compare elliptical vs. treadmill, you will notice that treadmills have been around for a long time now compared to the elliptical that are recent entrants.

Before choosing between elliptical and treadmill, it is recommended to analyze the features and carefully compare the two.

One of the main features of the elliptical trainer is that it offers an impact-free workout. This means, as you do the workout, there is no impact on the ground. These trainers are therefore great for people who suffer from joint pain and need a gentle workout. On the other hand, if you want to strengthen your bones, it is recommended to choose the treadmill.

As we consider the elliptical vs. treadmill, one aspect of the treadmill is that it offers dedicated joggers and runners with a better training experience than the elliptical trainer. If you prefer not going outdoors during winters and are training for a 10k or marathon, you will do better choosing a high-quality treadmill.

On the other hand, if you are looking for optimum efficiency in your cardiovascular workout, you will do better choosing the elliptical. Simulating jogging experience, treadmills focus on the lower body, whereas an elliptical with foot pedals for legs and dual-action handlebars for hands offer total body workout.

Elliptical offers users the capability of burning the same amount of calories as the treadmill with less impact on joints. Physical trainers rehabilitating clients and seniors suffering from joint problems compare elliptical Vs. Treadmills and often choose the elliptical.

Precor model elliptical trainers come with the ability to change the incline of the cross ramp and vary intensity apart from focusing on the lower body by choosing not to use the handlebar. This option infuses variety into the monotonous routine though it is not often used.

Comparing elliptical vs. treadmill, a striking feature that stands out in elliptical trainers is its variety that includes the reversible and forward foot pedal features. You actually feel you are on the cross-country slopes skiing as you go forward.

Your lower body can be effectively targeted in a completely different manner when the pedal motion is reversed. In just a few minutes, you will feel the targeting and burning of your quadriceps muscles.

Therefore, both elliptical trainers and treadmills come with their own set of advantages. It is in your interest to take time analyzing and choosing one depending on your specific needs.

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