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Various Badminton Shoes Models

You might remember the old refrain, “for want of a shoe, the horse was lost.”

In badminton, the want of a shoe won’t cause you to lose a horse, but it could cause you to lose a point or even a match.

Playing Backyard Badminton

If you confine your badminton to the backyard or a nearby park, you probably don’t need special badminton shoes. You can have fun–or even a cutthroat match–wearing your normal athletic shoes, whether they are called running shoes, tennis shoes, basketball shoes–about any type of shoe except golf shoes.

However, if you play recreational or competitive badminton indoors, you will want to invest in a pair of shoes designed specifically for the game.

Badminton Shoes Allow You To Be Fast On Your Feet

Badminton is one of the fastest games around. It takes a lot of stamina to play the game, as well as the right gear. Badminton doesn’t require expensive equipment, but you do need a good racket and badminton shoes.

In fact, having a good pair of badminton shoes is as important as having a good racket because, in badminton, footwork is incredibly important. Whether you are a serious or recreational badminton player, you need to be able to stop, start and turn quickly, safely, and easily.

What To Look For In Badminton Shoes

The first thing to look for in buying badminton shoes is the soles of the shoes. Stay away from shoes with thick soles, as this can lead to injury. The best badminton shoes have thin soles. This keeps your feet closer to the ground and reduces the possibility of injury.

Second, consider the weight of the shoes. They should be lightweight as this can help you move around the court faster.

Third, make sure the shoes conform to the shape of your feet, as they will be far more comfortable. Also, when choosing a shoe size, be sure to buy shoes that allow a little room for your feet to move around.

Another important factor in choosing a badminton shoe is the grip. The best badminton shoes have “gummy” soles, which provide a better grip, so you don’t slip or fall while playing.

Finally, check out the interior of the shoes and make sure you buy a pair with inserts that will absorb shocks as this will help reduce fatigue.

How Much Do Badminton Shoes Cost?

You can pay as little as $30 for badminton shoes or as much as $100. What you choose to pay will depend mostly on your budget and the feel of the shoes.

Here are some badminton shoes available online and their typical prices.

Yonex SHB-41 Men’s Badminton Shoe

The manufacturer describes these shoes as “a light, ergonomically shaped badminton shoe for the serious player. The Yonex Power Cushion is perfect for absorbing shock and converts the impact energy for a smooth transfer into the next movement.”
Cost: $36.90 to $49.95

Ektelon Quick track SE Women’s Court Shoe

This is a women’s court shoe from Prince. It is an impressive performance shoe that offers an excellent blend of ventilation, support, and comfort.
Cost: $49.95

Wilson EB 7 Court Shoe Men

This is said to be a comfortable performance shoe that offers impressive durability, traction, and support. It has a modern, aggressive-looking cosmetic combined with an excellent blend of ventilation and comfort.
Cost: $49.95

Wilson E 87 Ladies Low Badminton Shoes

These shoes are low profile to the ground with a gum rubber sole that should provide pinpoint traction throughout the match. The shoes are soft and very breathable.
Cost: $54.90

Yonex SHB-42 Unisex Badminton Shoe

Yonex describes this shoe as a “very economical and comfortable badminton shoe. It also features with Power Cushion to absorb shock and make a smooth transfer for the feet. The shoe is designed with scientific contoured, which can offer players a lot of stability and comfort in the toe area and the forefront of the shoe”.
Cost: $58.95

Wilson EB 9 Court Shoe Men

We say this shoe to have an upper, lightweight, and breathable mesh that keeps your foot cool and dry. They are built on a contoured last with an adjustable mid-foot strap to give you maximum comfort and support.
Cost: $69.95

Yonex SHB-71EX Indoor Court Shoe

This shoe has uppers made from leather and polyester mesh, a midsole utilizing msLITE technology, and a power cushion to help absorb shock and reverse impact energy.
Cost: $82.60

Yonex SHP-100 Power Cushion Limited Edition

These are new, light shoes with a power cushion for optimal performance. One reviewer said these shoes are “the best badminton shoes I ever have. It is very light and very comfortable to move quickly side by side without feeling hurt in any way. It is a very well thought design”.
Cost: $88.95 to $94.98

Yonex SHB-91MX Men Badminton Shoes

This shoe is described as having new Super msLITE technology in the midsole that creates a light, well-cushioned feel and Tough Guard III to help increase durability. It also has a 3D graphite sheet soleplate that provides stability and power cushion technology for added cushioning and an anti-twist system.
Cost: $89.95

Retail costs more

Keep in mind that these are online prices, and the badminton shoes described here will probably cost more at retail. Many people buy shoes from online outlets. However, you may not feel as comfortable buying badminton shoes sight and feel unseen.

You can buy online and save money if you know your size and the exact shoes you want. However, if you are unsure about the exact size and fit of badminton shoes that would be best for you, buying them retail might be a better choice.

My Favorite – Mizuno Wave Fang

There are many different badminton shoes available. Since many of us play badminton, we need to wear badminton shoes when playing badminton. I do not know who likes badminton shoes.

However, the one I like the most is Mizuno Wave Fang badminton shoes. These are the best badminton shoes I have ever used. They have many different designs. They also come in different colors.

Therefore, I am very pleased with the style and color of the Mizuno Wave Fang. The shoes not only offer colors and styles but also offer tremendous quality. They are very durable to put on my feet.

The shoes are lightweight as well. Lightness is the key feature for badminton shoes. The lighter the badminton shoes are, the better the service is. I have found these shoes provide me with a perfect grip and are very comfortable to wear.

I have used many different badminton shoes from different brands. None of them was as impressive as the Mizuno Wave Fang. I am quite impressed with the shoes. They provide the best comfort while playing badminton. Nowadays, I do not use other badminton shoes other than Mizuno badminton shoes.

My girlfriend loves playing badminton as well. She has a pair of Mizuno Women’s Wave Rally 2 Volleyball Shoes. Even though it is best for playing volleyball, these shoes are well fit for my girlfriend to wear and play badminton.

As I mentioned earlier, they offer many different colors on badminton shoes. Therefore, if you are a girl and love playing badminton, consider buying Mizuno badminton shoes. I am sure you will get a pair of the color that you like.

My previous Mizuno shoes lasted for three years after heavy usage. For the Mizuno Wave Fang that I am wearing now, I have been using it for more than 18 months, and they are still in good shape. I believe I will be able to use them for another year.

Mizuno badminton shoes are not very expensive. In fact, if compared to other similar shoes, they are quite cheap. On top of that, they can be bought online at a better price than buying them at sports stores.

In my opinion, if anyone wants to buy badminton shoes, they should at least have a look at Mizuno badminton shoes first. Then, he will be able to find out how good these shoes are. Most of the players are amazed after wearing and playing with them. They are wonderful shoes that make someone performs better at playing badminton. You are a good fighter when you have the best weapon.

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