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Netball Court Dimensions – The Size and Measurement

Netball is a game that requires a lot of space to play. There are also some rules that apply to the netball court, but for now, let’s just focus on discussing the basics of the netball court. The first thing you need to know about netball courts is what they look like and how big they are. The diagram below shows the basic layout of an indoor netball court. It is measured in meters and feet.

netball court dimensions

Court Size

First things first, let’s talk about the size of the court. A netball court is rectangular in shape and measures 30.5m (100 ft) in length and 15.25m (50 ft) in width That’s a pretty big area, so it’s important to have plenty of space to move around in.

From the diagram, you will see the court is divided into 3 equal parts, each part having a length of 10.17m(33.3 ft). However, the court is not divided into three equal parts. Instead, it is divided into two halves by a center line, and each half is further divided into three equal sections by two center third lines. The shorter sides of the court are called the goal lines, and they mark the boundaries of the goal circles at each end of the court. Players are allowed to score goals from within the goal circles, which are marked by the goal circle lines.

The centre circle is having a diameter of 0.9m (2.95 ft). While for the goal circle, it is having a radius of 4.9m (16.08 ft).

Relevant Lines

netball court lines

Now, let’s talk about the layout of the court. There are several lines that are marked on the court, each with its own specific purpose. The center line divides the court into two halves, and it’s where the center pass takes place at the start of each game and after each goal is scored.

There are also two circles on the court, one at each end. These are called goal circles, and they are the areas where players can score goals. The outer edge of each goal circle is marked with a goal circle line, and the inner edge is marked with a goal line. Only players in the goal circle are allowed to shoot for the goal.

In addition to the center line and the goal circles, there are also several other lines on the court. There is a transverse line at the center of the court, which divides it into two quarters. There are also two sideline lines that run the length of the court, marking the boundaries of play. Finally, there are two center third lines, which divide each half of the court into three equal sections.

According to the official rules of netball, all lines on the court, including the center line, sideline lines, transverse line, goal circle line, and goal line, should be 50mm wide and should be considered part of the court area they outline. These lines are typically painted white to help them stand out against the surface of the court. The purpose of these lines is to clearly define the boundaries of the court and the areas where certain actions, such as shooting for goal, can take place.

netball court bench area
Outside of the court, there will be some divided areas that are furnished with benches for team players, officials, and umpires.

Post and Netnetball post and net

The post and net are the two main pieces of equipment in netball. The post is used to mark the boundary of the court, while the net is used to catch and deflect shots from players.

netball post size

The netball ring is a circular structure that is used in the sport of netball. It is typically made of metal and is suspended from a post by a series of chains or cables. The ring itself has a diameter of 38cm, and it is attached to the post with a length of 15cm. The net is made of either white cotton mesh or chain mesh and is hung around the circumference of the ring. It is open at both ends, allowing the ball to pass through it during play.

So, why would a netball player want to research the dimensions of a netball court? Well, understanding the layout and size of the court can help players to better understand the rules of the game and how to position themselves during play. It can also help players to develop strategies and tactics for moving the ball down the court and scoring goals.

In conclusion, a netball court is a large rectangular area with several lines and markings to help players understand the rules of the game and move the ball toward the goal. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, understanding the dimensions of a netball court is an important part of mastering the sport.

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